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[ # ] Celebrating Beyonce’s Sports Illustrated cover made some sick?
February 27th, 2007 under Beyonce

Los Angeles County health officials say a cook employed with Wolfgang Puck Catering in Hollywood has been diagnosed with acute hepatitis A. Officials say the employee helped prepare food at four events between Feb. 14 and Feb. 20, including the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue party at the Pacific Design Center on Valentine's Day. Anyone who ate uncooked food at that event is advised to get an immune globulin shot by tomorrow to prevent development of acute hepatitis A. Officials say there is no risk to anyone who ate food prepared after Feb. 20. None of the Wolfgang Puck restaurants or Express Cafes or any of Puck's pre-packaged foods are affected.

KCBS (story) and POTP (photo)

How scary is that? Just think anytime you go to a restaurant that could possibly happen?  And yes it was way too easy too blame Beyonce for the coincidence, sorry but it was.



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