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[ # ] All dog owners who take elevators with them should watch this video
May 31st, 2013 under Animals

via Daily Mail
A woman in Russia was bringing her dog home after their normal walk and then something abnormal happened. The leashed pug stepped out of the elevator as the doors closed. Although she tried to get the pup back inside with her, she was unsuccessful. Luckily for her and even luckier for the pooch, a quick thinking man saw what was happening and unhooked the dog from his leash just in time.
Only problem is the dog ran away after the terrifying experience. Hopefully the owner and the dog were reunited and the woman was able to thank the man who saved her four legged friend’s life.
I grew up with dogs in an apartment building and we always took the elevator to get upstairs. I am so glad that never happened to us and I hope this doesn’t happen to any other dog owners ever again. So watch this video as a lesson to make sure your buddy is securely in the lift with you before those doors shut.



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