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[ # ] Jim Toth seemed more rationale than Reese Witherspoon during the arrest
May 3rd, 2013 under Reese Witherspoon/Ryan Phillippe

TMZ got a hold of the dash cam video of Reese Witherspoon getting arrested and it is a pretty interesting watch. Her husband, who was handcuffed on suspicion of DUI, was more calm than she was at the time. In fact after she went off on the cop, Toth told him “I had nothing to do with that.” To me it felt like he was trying to distance himself from her.
Then today TMZ got video of the two of them talking after they were handcuffed and Toth told Reese that she is the one that made the arrest national news. Even though he was supposedly drunk enough to arrested for DUI, he had a really clear head on about what was going on.
Now when it comes to her confrontation with the police officer, I have to admit that I think the cop overreacted by arresting her. Yes she was wrong the way she treated the officer, but he was also wrong to take such an extreme force of action against her.


  • Heather

    Jim is drunk. Reese did everything within her rights. She sounds completely rational. Cops are psychos! One pulled me over just to hit on me once!!!! He tried to ask me out!


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