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[ # ] More than you ever wanted to know about Brad Garrett’s peepee and then some!
April 30th, 2013 under Conan O'Brien

Brad Garrett was on Conan O’Brien’s TBS show yesterday and he talked about going full frontal on his new ABC show How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life). Now you would think it would be a short story, but turns it is much much much longer than he is down there. I mean we found out he is not that big, had a botched circumcision and he doesn’t trim the hedges, all in a span of 5 minutes. I can’t even describe what the heck he just said, so just watch it so you can be as speechless as Conan, Andy Richter and I are after listening to his little tale, and I do mean little.
Oddly enough that mini-story got me all kinds of excited!


  • http://mytorontoeh.com kristin

    that was brilliant, never would have thought about it before but now i definitely want to see his peen. i bet it’s adorable.


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