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[ # ] Zac Efron talks about that condom falling out of his pocket!
April 25th, 2013 under Craig Ferguson, Zac Efron

So remember last year when Zac Efron was walking the orange carpet for The Lorax premiere and a condom fell out of his pocket? Well Craig Ferguson asked him about it on The Late Late Show tonight and we found out why he had the rubber in his pants. Basically he didn’t change his slacks from the night before and that’s why it was in there. So not only was he embarrassed that a prophylactic fell out before the premiere of the kids movie he was starring in, we also found out he didn’t get any the night beforehand.
BTW I also loved the CBS host’s reaction when he found out more details about the incident. One of the rare times that Craig not doing his research made him regret what he just asked.



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