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[ # ] Is Dr Oz showing Jimmy Fallon how Jimmy Kimmel has him?
April 25th, 2013 under Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon were honored at the Time 100 event and Dr Oz greeted the NBC late host in his own special way. As the ABC host said, “it wouldn’t be a party without @DrOz grabbing a handful of testiecles”. And boy does he have a handful!
Seriously how many kinds of awesome is this picture, from what Dr Oz is doing to Fallon to the expression on the Jimmys’ faces? I mean how much more perfect could it be?
BTW back in 2010 Dr Oz grabbed Kimmel’s boys on Jimmy Kimmel Live, so Fallon shouldn’t feel like he was the only one who got the special hello!



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