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[ # ] Some bad times in Hollywood because they are making a Good Times movie
March 12th, 2013 under Stupid Sequels/Remakes

Hollywood just can’t come up with something original anymore because they are going back to the ’70s for their latest movie. According to Deadline Sony Pictures wants to resurrect their sitcom Good Times and make it into a feature film. The studio has hired Phil Johnston, who wrote Wreck-It-Ralph and Cedar Rapids, to write the screenplay. And I want to know what the hell they are thinking because this is not a Dy-no-mite idea. I really hope that J.J. paints the studio the picture where they see how dumb this is.
Please Norman Lear protect your legacy and stop this project before it gets off the ground. You know if you don’t they will wind up casting Will Smith and his whole gang to star as the Evans family. I just shed a tear because I can actually see them doing that, can’t you?
So to get me through this tough news, I am going to watch Good Times on AntennaTV because that is where it is at it’s best…on TV.



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