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[ # ] All weathercasters should be punished like this when they get it wrong!
March 7th, 2013 under TV News

How many times have you gotten soaked by the rain because the weathercaster told you it was going to be sunny so you didn’t have an umbrella? Or wore a T-Shirt with no jacket because you told it was going to be warm but it turned out to be freezing? Or prepped for a Hurricane that totally missed you and made land fall no where near you? How pissed were you at that so-called meteorologist? Didn’t you want them to pay for their error? Well that is exactly what WTTG did to Tucker Barnes who was put on a time out when he predicted snow for the DC area and it didn’t happen. So this morning when the anchors tossed to him, he had his back to us as he sat in the corner and accepted his punishment. No word when his time out was over, but I wish more stations would do this.
I knew a lot of meteorologists when I lived in Miami and it used to piss me off when my “friends” would lie to me. Tell me it is going to be sunny and then I would get caught in a downpour. Seriously there should be repercussions when they get the weather wrong. Don’t you agree?



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