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[ # ] Michelle Williams finally starts to grow out her hair!
February 20th, 2013 under Heath Ledger/ Michelle Williams
For years Michelle Williams has had short cropped hair in honor of her late ex Heath Ledger, but now she tells Us Weekly she is ready to start to grow it out. As anyone woman, who decides to do the same thing, can tell you it ain’t easy. She explained to the magazine why she waited until now, “The mid-stage is insufferable. It’s really hard on your self-esteem.” It is, but once you get through it it is so worth it. But during that in between you need to find different ways to survive that awkward stage like french braids, barrettes, headbands and so on.
Even though now she looks like Becky right after haircut on Roseanne, in a few weeks she will start to look like her Dawson’s Creek-self. So my advice to her is just grin and bear because before you know you will have it where you want it to be!


  • KeyLimePie

    ‘Bout time.

  • testington

    Didn’t she have short hair for several seasons of Dawson’s Creek LOL

    Also, I do like her but I’ve always found the way she co-opted the Heath tragedy for press to be really tacky. I know he is the father of her child, but she acts as if she is his widow when in fact that had been separated for about two years when he died and he was in a relationship with Gemma Ward, who actually quit working altogether for two years when he passed.

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