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[ # ] Did Simon Le Bon leave Duran Duran for a Barbershop Quartet?
February 6th, 2013 under Duran Duran
For years we have seen Simon Le Bon with a full beard, but he recently shaved it off and now he is donning a handlebar mustache. So I am wondering if Duran Duran’s lead singer is switching genres going from New Wave to Barbershop Quartet. I mean I am just trying to come up with some rationale why he is curling his mustache like that because it looks ridiculous. I love D², but all I want is for him to shave that thing off.

UPDATE: Simon Le Bon has a sense of humor about his facial hair because here is what he Tweeted this morning, “Rumours abound his morning that the producers of Lithuanian Idol want to book my ‘tache to be on the judging panel.” Personally I think it is crazy enough to judge on American Idol, since that seems to be the requirement.


  • Seriously! I don’t understand why he would intentionally ruin his sex symbol status by looking like this. The beard was bad enough, especially when he let it get all BeeGees looking, but this is WRONG! And the HAIR is making it worse. But if everyone keeps telling him how shitty it looks, he will just keep it longer. He is like that.


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