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[ # ] What is Dick Van Dyke doing to the SAG Awards statue’s, well you know, his first name?
January 28th, 2013 under Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke was rightfully honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award yesterday at the SAG Awards. When he went back into the press room after he accepted it, he was photographed in a compromising position with the larger than life-sized version of the SAG Awards statue. Either that or he was just trying to cover up the anatomically correct statue that makes Jon Hamm and James Woods look small.
BTW I am know I am going to heck because of this post. I also know that my friend’s toddler, who is obsessed with Mary Poppins, is so going to kick me in the shin for writing anything negative about her idol. I hope that the legendary Dick Van Dyke can forgive me because I love him just as much as that little girl and did not mean to insult him in anyway, but the picture just made it so easy.
Finally I wish the young actors of today would look up to him, so that they can create a persona as lovable as his. I can’t think of anyone younger than Henry Winkler that is adored like he is, can you?


  • Green Is Good

    Dick handling dick.

    The jokes write themselves folks.


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