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[ # ] Barbara Walters proves you’re never too old to get the Chicken Pox!
January 28th, 2013 under The View

Barbara Walter was hospitalized 10 days ago after she fell and cut her head, and she has remained there with a low grade fever ever since. Today on The View Whoopi Goldberg revealed what has been ailing her, she said 83 year old newswoman has the Chicken Pox. That’s right the octogenarian has the childhood viral infection. The doctors want her to rest and according to Whoopi she is not allowed any visitors at the time. No word yet when she will be released and back on the ABC talk show. Hopefully she will be better very soon.
It appears she is on the road to recovery because why else would her co-hosts joke about it. Joy Behar said that is what she gets for interviewing Honey Boo Boo and Elisabeth Hasslebeck said she thought she was pregnant. With friends like that, who needs Rosie O’Donnell or Star Jones?
BTW I, like Barbara Walters, have never had the dreaded Chicken Pox, but I got the vaccine a few years ago. I am surprised her doctor didn’t do the same.



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