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[ # ] Jessica Simpson had 2 wedding dates, but she keeps getting knocked up!
January 16th, 2013 under Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson was on The Tonight Show yesterday and Jay Leno asked her after which kid does she plan on finally marrying her baby daddy. Then she admitted that she had two wedding dates but Eric Johnson keeps knocking her up. At the rate she keeps getting pregnant, she will have 20 kids before she ever says I do for the second time.
BTW she also talked about her NBC pilot that will be a sitcom loosely based on her life. When it comes to who should play her dad, I would cast Jim J Bullock to play him! Who would you cast?


  • savageone

    Holy Kryptonite Batman! This hua is not married? That would make her baby little bast*rds! Why does she keep dropping kids without giving them a legitimate father? Does she just like an excuse for being a big fat hua?


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