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[ # ] Ewan McGregor doesn’t know what Manscaping is, but he does it!
December 17th, 2012 under Live with Kelly and Michael

Ewan McGregor was a guest on Live with Kelly and Michael and they played a game with him called Ew-in or Ew-out. Basically they asked him questions if he liked to do things like sing karaoke or pee in the pool or small dogs. When they asked him about Manscaping, he didn’t know what that was. Then once it was explained to him by Michael Strahan as “taking a razor to your hairy parts of your body,” he shock his head and said yes. Now if only I can remember if he did it before all of those naked scenes he has filmed, I would be a much happier person. Guess I will have to rewatch them all to find out! It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!



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