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[ # ] I guess you can say Jimmy Kimmel’s chat with Ted didn’t go well?
December 12th, 2012 under Family Guy, Jimmy Kimmel

One of the biggest stars from this summer’s movies was not Channing Tatum’s abs, but Ted the foul mouthed Teddy Bear. Well yesterday Seth MacFarlane’s first big screen movie came out on Blu-ray and that cute but dirty teddy bear was doing press for it. Ted’s last stop was Jimmy Kimmel Live and I say last stop because Jimmy Kimmel Tweeted, “Ted died tonight @SethMacFarlane”. I guess without Mila Kunis there to make a wish to bring him back to life, he is really dead dead. And because of that I guess there won’t be a Ted 2. So today take a minute to remember him by buying the DVD or the life-size R-Rated version of him to keep his spirit alive. And maybe if we are lucky enough, he will come alive for us just like he did for Mark Wahlberg in the movie.
If anyone feels like buying me the Ted doll for the holidays, I would say thank you very much!
BTW I can’t believe Jimmy Kimmel killed Ted, Why???



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