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[ # ] After Earth makes me wonder when will Will Smith do good movies again?
December 10th, 2012 under Will Smith

Remember when Will Smith was the hottest actor out there and every movie he did blew you away? Well that was a long time ago and ever since he did Men in Black II his movies have either been a real snoozefests or just crap. Now it looks like his latest film After Earth will be like all the movies he has done in the last decade. So I want to know when he is going to make a movie like Independence Day again? And when will his son Jaden do a movie that his dad isn’t in or financed? And when will Hollywood stop letting M. Night Shyamalan makes movies? His first movie was good, but the rest have all sucked big time. Enough is enough!
So I guess you can tell by this post where I won’t be when this movie comes out on June 7th?



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