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[ # ] It is things like this that make it OK to egg and/or TP your neighbor’s house.
November 29th, 2012 under Cool Technology

via Huffington Post
Tis the season for people to decorate their houses for the holidays. While most keep it simple, some go absolutely nuts. Not only do the put tons and tons of lights on their house, they sync those lights to music. Case in point, a guy in Texas not only has place so bright you can see it from outer space, he also has the lights doing a dance to Gangnam Style from Psy. You know his neighbors are going to love that, not. Especially since I am sure they are already as sick of the song as you and me.
Since I don’t live any where near that house, I have to admit he did a really beautiful job with the lights! If I lived near him, then I would freakin’ despise him.



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