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[ # ] Aren’t Larry King and Betty White too old to run a lemonade stand?
November 19th, 2012 under Golden Girls

Betty White is 90 years young and Larry King turned 79 today, but yet that didn’t stop the two of them from opening a lemonade stand outside his Beverly Hills home. The two TV legends were selling it for a $1 a cup and shockingly they only made $6 whole bucks. So why did they do it? No, King is not going through some financial hard times since he is no longer working at CNN. It was something that he thought would be fun for them to do while she was a guest on his Ora TV talk show and you know what he was right! I love that Miss White is such a shrewd business lady, no wonder she is still working nonstop at her age with no end in sight!
BTW I am sure that was the sweetest lemonade that anyone has ever had because anything the Golden Girl touches turns out to be as sweet as sugar like her!



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