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[ # ] Dr Phil analyzes David Letterman and tells him his ‘life is pretty much over’
November 19th, 2012 under David Letterman

Dr Phil was a guest on The Late Show on Friday and he basically gave David Letterman a therapy session on the show for free. Although I am not sure the CBS host was all that pleased with the daytime talk show host’s assessment of him. Oprah’s prodigy got Letterman to curse at him a few times (and it was deserved), admit on the air that he goes to therapy and he’s on antidepressants, but the saddest part came when Dr Phil told him his “life is pretty much over.” Granted it made sense why he said it, it still isn’t something you want to hear.
Now it might sound like this was a pretty deep interview with no laughs, shockingly there were a lot and you will want to watch the session to make you feel better when you go to yours after you see your family on Thursday.



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