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[ # ] Sir Roger Moore tells Howard Stern he doesn’t have a 007 down there!
November 12th, 2012 under James Bond

Sir Roger Moore was on Howard Stern‘s radio show today and somehow the Shock Jock got the best Bond (sorry Daniel Craig and Sean Connery) to talk about his pen!s size. Stern has always said he has a small one and he asked Roger if wished he had moore down there. That was when 007 admitted he is only an inch-and-a-half as he lifted his pinky to show just how tiny he really is. Then Stern asked him if he was embarrassed to be naked around the Bond Girls and he said yes. Poor Roger.
I am sure he was joshing him, and even if he wasn’t there is more that makes a man than the size of his pen!s and Roger brings so much moore to the game. Even at 85 I would still drink martini with him because he is still sexy as he was when he Bond from 1973-1985!



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