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[ # ] Did David Letterman really ask Anderson Cooper if he has Gaydar?
November 12th, 2012 under Anderson Cooper, David Letterman

Anderson Cooper was on The Late Show on Friday and David Letterman actually asked him if he has Gaydar. At first the CNN host joked that it was going off with Dave, but then he seriously answered the question.
When I watched that clip, I was like that is why Anderson wasn’t open about his sexuality until recently. Then I saw the first clip and I was like he opened up the can of worms earlier on during the interview. But still such a weird question.


  • baddd

    Are you SERIOUS??? Anybody notice that Dave is still drinking? It isn’t fake, you can tell by Anderson’s reaction. And you are worried about him asking Anderson about being gay? Maybe you don’t get alcoholism. I am worried about Dave.


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