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[ # ] Sarah Silverman was actually promoting a family friendly film on Conan!
November 6th, 2012 under Conan O'Brien

Sarah Silverman was on Conan O’Brien yesterday and she did something smart with with her smartphone. She took a side picture of his lips with her iPhone, then brought it down to her crotch where he legs were split wide open making it look like his lips were hers. He was so embarrassed that he got up and couldn’t look at her. The tension was eased when Andy Richter who said he wished the TBS host still had his beard. But then her carpet wouldn’t match the drapes.
But it didn’t stop there, she also talked about being a bed wetter until she was in her teens. She said it was so awful that she came to the conclusion that only people worse than her were bed sh!tters. That was when Conan reminded all of us that she was there to promote the Disney animated movie Wreck It Ralph. I wonder if Walt was turning over in grave about this interview. I am sure he was.
BTW I wish she did the thing with the phone with Jimmy Kimmel instead because we all know his lips have already been there and he could’ve compared the lips from his experience with her.



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