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[ # ] Tuesdays on ABC are all about falling down your stairs funny!
October 23rd, 2012 under ABC

Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 are finally back on ABC tonight at 9p and we have a reason to laugh again!
At 9p Penny falls down several flights of steps and Max has to help her recover. Yeah it goes just as you think. Then Alex and Dave are keeping it casual, but no one believes her. Did I mention that Penny falling down the stairs was caught on her helmet cam? Yeah and it just gets funnier from there on Happy Endings.
Then at 9:30o we find out why from Busy Phillps why there has never been a Dawson’s Creek reunion on Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23. We also see what Frankie Muniz looks like now and Mark Paul Gosselaar and his doppelganger James Van Der Beek are reunited once again. We might not get a Dawson’s reunion but we get saved by a Dawson and Zack one!
So tune in for a whole bunch of laughs at 9p on ABC!



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