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[ # ] Brad Pitt turned Mike Tyson’s hard stallion into a wet noodle
April 3rd, 2012 under Conan O'Brien, Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is on Conan tonight and told the TBS Late night host about a time he saw Brad Pitt with is ex-wife. Shortly after the two split, the fighter would still hook up with Robin Givens. One morning he went over to see her all excited to see her, but no one was home. So he waited in his car for her to come. Well she finally arrived and she was with Brad Pitt. It was then that he realized he wasn’t getting any because she was with the Head of the Class of actors.
Then Conan O’Brien asked him if Pitt was scared to see the former-boxer, who was in his prime at the time, in the car? And the ear biter said when he saw them together, he “went from a hard stallion to a wet noodle” and didn’t have any fight left in him.
I love that the former-joke has turned into very funny man. Watch him tell the story and see how perfect his comedic timing is.



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