Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Mark Steines is finally out of Entertainment Tonight!!!
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[ # ] Mark Steines is finally out of Entertainment Tonight!!!
March 27th, 2012 under TV News

Mark Steines the Entertainment Tonight host who is as interesting as watching paint dry and as white as Wonder Bread, is leaving the show. A rep told The New York Post he is leaving to “pursue other opportunities at the end of his contract. He has been a beloved member of ‘ET’ for 17 years, and we fully support his decision.” Yeah, who really believes he is leaving on his own? Now that ET finally got rid of Mary Hart last year and replaced her with the much much younger Nancy O’Dell, it was about time they got rid of the boring Steines. Seriously did anyone even know he was still on the show? Better yet did anyone even know he was on it?


  • Tee

    I’m dating myself but I was surprised he even stayed on ET after his wife was let go…sure says a lot about his character though.

  • Rose Normandie

    I liked John Steines!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to see him go.

  • I liked John steines, sorry to see him go. He had a great camaraderies with everyone he interviewed.

  • edie

    was wondering what happened to mark,sorry to see him go. I wish they could replace o’dell her hair’s got to go and I don’t like the way hart was shoved out.

  • Kip

    I to am sad to see Mark go. He was one of the best interviewers on TV. He definitely has Bush beat all to heck.

  • M

    I noticed him. He was a handsome aligned presenter on the show. However is going on another often viewed channel so lades will get a softer, angled book. I will miss Mary Hart, very classy.

  • G

    I liked Mark!!! I’m sad he is gone!!! Wish him good luck!!

  • mel

    If only they’d get rid of that waste of space Nancy, I might go back to watching it. Her hound-dog hair & that silly bump she puts on top in the front at times is too distracting. Toss her…

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