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[ # ] Aren’t Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly too old for Underoos?
February 22nd, 2012 under ABC

Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly are two of the voices for the animated video Justice League: Doom, so I am assuming the two ABC actors decided to dress up as the characters that sound like them to promote it. As much as I like would like to see the Castle and the Private Practice stars in their underwear, I think I could’ve gone without seeing them in their Underoos. Not that they look bad in them, I just envisioned them is something different. But I guess for now this fantasy could work.
BTW you can hear them as Green Lantern and Superman in Justice League: Doom when it comes on out February 28th
xoxo Ayn!


  • http://yahoo Kathleen

    You’re never too old for Underoos!

  • gobo

    Nah, they’re dressed like that for the new Daly show, it hasn’t come out yet

  • jjfromnyc

    u kiddin me? check out that ass on fillion – hottie patottie

  • Jessie

    I am a true Castle, Wings Fan, and therefore I am a HUGE Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly follower!
    I don’t think they are old, maybe mature, but come on, you know how goofy they are.
    We need Steven Weber as Batman, lol


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