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[ # ] Aren’t Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly too old for Underoos?
February 22nd, 2012 under ABC, Nathan Fillion, Tim Daly

Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly are two of the voices for the animated video Justice League: Doom, so I am assuming the two ABC actors decided to dress up as the characters that sound like them to promote it. As much as I like would like to see the Castle and the Private Practice stars in their underwear, I think I could’ve gone without seeing them in their Underoos. Not that they look bad in them, I just envisioned them is something different. But I guess for now this fantasy could work.
BTW you can hear them as Green Lantern and Superman in Justice League: Doom when it comes on out February 28th
xoxo Ayn!


  • You’re never too old for Underoos!

  • gobo

    Nah, they’re dressed like that for the new Daly show, it hasn’t come out yet

  • jjfromnyc

    u kiddin me? check out that ass on fillion – hottie patottie

  • Jessie

    I am a true Castle, Wings Fan, and therefore I am a HUGE Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly follower!
    I don’t think they are old, maybe mature, but come on, you know how goofy they are.
    We need Steven Weber as Batman, lol


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