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[ # ] Chelsea Hobbs won’t compete in Make It or Break It’s season 3
November 27th, 2011 under Freeform

Earlier this year Chelsea Hobbs got pregnant with her second child and that pregnancy was written in to Make It or Break It. When her character Emily decided to keep her baby, she was written off the show in a way that left it open for her to return. Even though she wasn’t killed off, the other show’s character made mention that by having the baby her body would change and she wouldn’t be able to compete in gymnastics the same way.
Well it looks likes the ABC Family show is going with the latter and writing Emily off of the show. Today the actress was asked if she would be back for season 3 and she said, “Sorry not doing season 3:(”
I personally think this is a huge mistake because she was my favorite character on the show. She was the underdog with talent that was new to the whole competing for the Olympics. She was the one I was rooting for because she had to work the hardest to catch up. The show was different without her, so much so I am not sure I want to watch it without her. Seriously I don’t know why she can’t back to the show, if Payson can come back from a broken back then why can’t Emily come back from a pregnancy?


  • kelt

    If Chelsea Hobbs, known as Emily on the show doesn’t return to “Make It Or Break IT” the show is going to loose its number one draw for me. Emily is the one character you want to succeed. She is the only character on the show that represents the vast majority of viewers. Not everyone has the finacial means the other charaters on the show have. Emily is the only one who doesn’t have it so easy. She has to truly work for what she wants while dealing with day to day hardships not understood by the other girls. Without Emily the show will be empty and I’ll have no one to pull for. I plan on giving it a try but will most likely stop watching.

    • wilson

      Honestly,I cried my self out for a whole nyt, Emily was d only person I was so passionate about, why Emily, why not lauren ?I can’t just believe that my dream wil end like that, she was my dream,my wake and passion….pls. Can u pass dis to d producer, pls let them bring her u kmenko Emily

  • Trix

    I agree with everyone who has expressed disappointment with Emily’s leaving the show! She is the voice of the vast majority who fight for their dreams under dire circumstances, and I am convinced ABC is making a HUGE mistake by writing her off! If Payson can come back after a back injury and with the changes in her body, it’s not impossible for Emily to get back in shape after having a baby…! Come on guys, get real and give the fans what they want!

  • Robin

    I too think a HUDGE mistake has been made by not bringing Emily back. She was my favorite character, I was a single Mom when my daughters were young and relate to Emilys family and how hard it is to put your child in any kind of sport because of the expense. The other characters on the show come from a more privileged background. BIG MISTAKE ABC FAMILY:-)

  • Anonymous

    olympic gymnasts don’t get pregnant at 16, so as much as i love the character of Emily, its realistic that she would not come back to compete.

  • I know that a lot of you people don’t agree to the decision that is being made, but she did have a baby and it just might be painful for her. I’m sure she enjoyed staring in Make it or Break it, and might just wish to be your entertainment. But it is not she same as Payson Keeler also known as (Ayla Kell’s) broken back. (Ayla Kell) had a surgery that fixed her back, even know very risky. How do you know what kind of pregnancy she had. I mean there are a few types of them, and what if she got one of the bad ones. I’m just saying. All you want is for her to play in Make it or Break it. She really does have a lot on her hands, she has two children now and a husband, so just give her a break. And we all know that she is a very good actress, I am going to miss her. And one more thing, yes I am going to watch the next season weather or not Emily Kmetko also known as (Chelsea Hobbs) is going to be on the show.

  • Anonymous

    i think that its right for emily to not come, at least for the season. Realistically how could she have a gymnastics career and be a single mother. its not ABC family’s fault the actress got knocked up, so they shouldnt be blamed.

  • She is not a single women, she has two children now and a husband names Teren Oddo and the reason she can’t come back is because she had, had another child before season 3. so sorry she is not comin back

  • Anonymous

    I’m honestly surprised ABC Family didn’t have it in her contract that she couldn’t get pregnant. Actors and athletes have all kinds of clauses in contracts that prevent certain activities. I realize she’s a happily married woman, but if you want to play a teen, you have to understand that you can’t get pregnant while doing so, especially if the teen is an elite athlete. I’m very happy for Chelsea, but IMO ABC Family had no choice but to let the character go. Realistically I think the athlete would have ended the pregnancy and continued to compete, but we were not talking about a store here. We’re talking about the actor’s real life condition. I hate to see Emily go, but really what else could be done? I also hate that Susan Ward will likely not return since what would be the point?

  • Anonymous

    I’m watching the first episode now, So far not to impressed, overall I agree with everyone, Chelseas role as Emily showed girls that if you do work hard and set their minds to something then they can get really far and be successful. You don’t need money if you are like Emily <3 If you think about mothers who have children they want to spend more time taking care of them and being around for the first year, Maybe Chelsea wanted this and will be back for season 4, and maybe if we are lucky there will be an appearance of the new child next season. They my add the complications of a teen mother who doesn't have much and is missing out on something they love. However there could also be the possibility that they don't show this.Since Secret life talks about the difficulties of teen motherhood, they wouldn't want to drop the ratings of that. There may also be the possibility they put her on again amd make it so she gave it up for adoption but I highly doubt that.

  • Anonymous

    Im kind of glad she’s gone. She was never focused. She was always bitching and crying about something yes we know we get it you dont have money you have to work and blah blah but damn girl can you atleast be focused at the competitions atleast. If your working your ass off for that you would think she would be a little more focused and stop complaining “I can’t have a bf I can’t have a life they want to control everything I do” Payson didn’t have it easy either they don’t have a fancy car, her dad had lost his job, they put the house up for sale, they were in serious debt cuz of Payson’s surgery. Stupid Emily couldn’t compete when she went to France or what ever cuz she snuck out to see Damon. She should of stayed her ass in the room like they were told. Yeah I know it was Lauren who tricked her but Emily was stupid for going in the first place. They kept giving her chance after chance after chance n she just kept screwing up. She didn’t even believe in her self.

  • Anonymous

    Oh and btw there is no season 4 the series is about to be over. Season 3 barely started and it’s already going to be over they only did about 7episodes!

  • I didn’t watch the show this season, because they didn’t Emily came back…. And I think that a huge mistake for them not to let her come, I personally watch the show because of her… She was a great example for young people who wanna make it on life but always have some obstacle going on between their life…

  • don’t like emily. Glad she’s gone. Personly she was always whining about something.

  • Anonymous

    i really like emily

  • ashley

    8f chelsa hobbs ever reads this i just want to say that make it or break it will not be the same without u i wont even watch it anymore i mean really the shoe is nothing without u i really would like for u to come back on the show and be with damon young and u two never split up plz come back im begging

  • Eli

    I’m tired of people complaining that Emily was to whiny. She was poor! she had no father, couldn’t keep a friend, her family couldn’t make money. Even when payson was destitute they had options. I loved Emily, she was the only one with a reason to whine, unlike the others whom were brats.

  • Anonymous

    as in u guys bring her back cuz i dunnoe where season 3 heading 2 cuz its actuli BORIN

  • Anonymous

    I want Emily back 🙁

  • Anonymous

    The only reason that I watch this show is Emily. Now she’s gone and the whole show is boring. She’s the only girl who is not bitching about others.

  • Amamat

    I really wish emily culd cum bk.actually av watchd season 3,4,5.n am expectin 6 were dey will b goin 4 d olympics with jordan randall.emily kmetko i wish u culd just b in d show.its kinda borin wifout u,tnks 2 wendy bt i dnt tink she l b in d nxt episode.chelsea plsss cum bk

  • Emily

    I’m dissapointed Emily wont be on the show. I will probably stop watching. I hope she comes back. She was my favorite character.

  • For me, Emily is the major character in this series. i still think she can come back after she gives birth or even while pregnant (Real life). She represented everything about me, Emily inspire me in this series. the Series is incomplete without Emily

  • Anonymous

    I liked Emily! im actually looking for other shows/movies with her in it.

  • Izy

    Seriouslu Emily kmeltko is the reason why the ratings have dropped!!! She deserved to go to the olympics! she was my hero n thank God the show is ended nw because i will never have enjoyed watching it again without Emily!

  • briNna

    I know right… So boguss

  • MIOBI is horrible now

    I don’t get why people call Emily whiny!! She had REASON to be that way, people! She wasn’t a complete brat like Lauren. I still don’t get why people like Lauren.

  • ify

    i really miss emily(chelsea hobbs), i wish she would come back cos am missing her, am also missing her mum, chloe kmetko(susan wards) pls and pls, u guys should bring her to d olympics, she inspires me a lot.

  • Carolyn

    Please come back to the show Chelsea. The show is not as awesome when u were on the show so will u please come back

  • Tessy kessy

    I miss mum and sisters,my friend.blessing hmmm we all miss u .i lv u chelsea

  • Bre

    Wow.! I can’t believe this. Why would she do this.? I miss Emily so much.! I just felt like crying when I was watching these shows On Netflix.! And I can’t stop watching it.!

  • keziah

    i was very bored…hw could u get pregnant… anyway i hope it was for the best…..luv uuuuu bye

  • Julie

    Emily pls cum bck

  • plz abc series bring emily back,coz the film is borin without her.

  • tytus

    seriously i stopped watching the show and so as my entire family because we were all rooting for the underdog which was emily, whom i believe everybody can relate to cause we all work hard trying to get somewhere but theres always something in our way……i KNOW if they bring emily back FOR SURE my whole family will be HOOKED again….. season 3 was AWFUL we all stopped watching at the first episode…..

  • Donna

    I totally agree with this article/statement. This is my 4th time watching this whole series of Make it of Break it & it saddens me that such a beautiful, hardworking, & highly talented character of Emily Kmetko is off the team; it’s really hard to see. In all honesty, I started to cry & I was contemplating with I should continue to watch because without Emily (my favorite character) , it wouldn’t be that same.
    I read some articles that Emily decided that she wasn’t going to be returning to this show, I definitely think that, that is a huge mistake because think of the crazy amounts of fans that was rooting for her.

  • Previous poster

    & add on, what happened to the series :(? I want more of it. This show motivates me as a dance, an elite dancer.

  • lay_lay

    That’s true

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