Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Guess who cut 11″ of their hair off for charity?
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[ # ] Guess who cut 11″ of their hair off for charity?
September 12th, 2010 under Guess who?

Want to see who made such a drastic cut for a good cause then

Soleil Moon Frye who has had long hair since her late teens, took to Twitter yesterday to say that she decided to cut her hair for charity!

Nervously awaiting a hair cut! Every time I ponder really cutting my hair and every time I go for the trim. Any ideas?

Cutting 11 inches off!!! Ahhhh. Here @chrismcmillan Going to donate to charity! Who wants to do it with me?

Thank you 4 all of the tweets and support in cutting my hair to give to charity.Love that many of you are doing it as well.Please send pics!

I think Punky Brewster looks great with her new cut! Not only because it works with her face, but because she did it to help other!
Here is the video of the cut on MoonFrye:


  • moooo

    Serious? That was a pretty sissy cut…She coulda gone a lot more!!

  • john

    That’s it?

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