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July 7th, 2010 under Boy George

Bauer-Griffin Online
I haven’t seen Boy George in a while and boy has the Culture Club singer put on a few pounds. Maybe the next time he sits down to eat he needs to Move Away from all that bad food then ask the meal Do You Really Want to Hurt Me and finally tell those extra calories to Miss Me Blind? He seriously needs to go to the gym and tell the personal trainer that I’ll Tumble 4 Ya. So hopefully by the next time we see the Fat Cat, he will Karma Chameleon into a man with a few less pounds on him.
BTW I posted that last picture in case you didn’t that that Church of the Poison Mind belonged to him because who else would get that tattoo on the back of their head. Most people would go through a Crying Game if the got inked there.


  • pete

    Such as it seems is the life of Georgie. Anyway, the pictures do all the talking and if these pictures make you sad, trust us they make Georgie sadder. So much for lost youth. Anyway we came up with a video of Georgie, the same one he keeps underneath his pillow for you to relish in. Fatso!

  • FattieFattieFatFat

    Where have you been?? You JUST noticed Boy George was a lard arse?!?! The man’s been a porker for years now.

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  • Don’t Even Start

    Guys, Boy George has been in sooo much pain. Let off him, he’s a good person! If he resulted to pain, who gives 2 f*cks?! His music is great, so what does it matter?

  • loveya

    Can we see a picture of you so we can make comments and make yourself feel like shit.

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