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[ # ] Do Betty White and Morgan Freeman have something to tell us?
May 1st, 2010 under Betty White, Do they have something to tell us?, Morgan Freeman

Chelsea Handler Tweeted this picture of Betty White and Morgan Freeman sharing a smooch and I wonder if they have something to tell us? The 88 year old TV legend and the 72 year old Oscar winner really look like they are enjoying that kiss. Plus she is so much closer to his age than his rumored affair with his step-granddaughter so how awesome would it be if they hooked up? The tabloids and blogs would go crazy if they had a hot steamy love affair, so much so they would bump Brangelina from all of the covers! They can be known as Began!


  • Anonymous

    Kathie Lee and Hoda from the Today Show just confirmed that they are dating!

  • kzdiver

    Morgetty would be another great nickname. Go Betty, get it girl!

  • Anonymous

    i love morgetty

  • vegenia

    these two people They are THE bEST of ALL TiME I Think they Just Happy To See each Other, Look At Miss oprah people greet her JUST AS THey would greet A special fans I think MR freeman is A SPECIAL MAN OF ALL Time,when you are special you have to look out for something special At All Time, it was Just A spacial Kiss, For A special Actor, I am ONE OF MR.freemam FANS TOO,LOOK At Miss oprah I am ONE of her fans, and I think she is A Speacil Woman OF All Time,and people always greet her in thar own special way, Some Times people Just Too Happy To see each orther, THAT Is what it is….:)

  • Anonymous

    fack you

  • aww they look AWESOME TOGETHER

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