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April 7th, 2010 under Stupid Sequels/Remakes

One of my all-time favorite movies that made me fall in love with Val Kilmer is being destroyed, according to Pajiba Real Genius is being redone for the big screen. Why? Seriously Why? The movie was a Real Genius for its time and doesn’t need to be duplicated and the whole meaning of the movie is not relevant for today. Knowing Hollywood they will probably fill the cast up with people from Judd Apatow films and make it another unfunny movie that only few people find funny. Plus if you are going to remake the movie you have to do the Jiffy Pop scene, and there is no way anyone can ever top it or do it better. That scene is one of the all-time classic scenes. So instead of downing some popcorn at the movie theater when this sure-to-be-latest-piece-sh!t comes out, I will be at home making some Jiffy Pop on the stove and watching the original Real Genius on DVD to protest the fact they destroyed one my favorite movies for no reason at all.
Oh and if the Real Genius news isn’t bad enough, Pajiba is reporting they are also destroying House Party.
Nothing is sacred anymore in Hollywood. Can’t they come up with some more original movies to turn into 3D so they jack up the price up of movie tickets even more? Leave our movies alone!



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