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[ # ] A Glee Flash Mob
December 24th, 2009 under Glee

via GMMR
There was another Flash Mob in the world and this one happened in Italy to promote Glee. The hit American show is making its way over there tomorrow and what better way to introduce it to the Italians but with a Flash Mob in front of Rome’s Galleria Alberto Sordi?
Part of me is thinking we need to put a stop to these Flash Mobs and then the other part of me wants to be part of one. Anyone want to do one with me and what should we do it to?


  • http://www.trentsketch.com Robert

    I can only assume there must be some way to do a flash mob reenacting great moments in ANTM, like the Tyrade against Tiffany, Caridee’s final runway/stick up the ass/hypothermia moments, or one of the dance challenges. No one would understand what just happened, but it would be fun.

  • David

    How gay… It was cute the first couple of times. Now it just looks retarded.

  • Alex

    David, you’re a homophobic moron, saying something is gay like that just makes you sound like teh squeaky wheel that needs to get greased.

  • Bret

    Alex, you’re an oversensitive nimrod. Gay pertains to many things other than being homosexual. I think you’re the squeaky wheel here.


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