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April 25th, 2017 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]


Who loves their laxative tea? – Dlisted

Jennifer Lopez's butt – Popoholic

A Demi Moore nip  slip – Taxi Driver

The Kardashian butts – The Nip Slip

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That's why Sean Spicer still has a job? – Celebitchy


The power at NBC want less Powerless
April 25th, 2017 under NBC, Ron Funches. [ Comments: none ]

DC Comics tried their hand at comedy with Powerless, but yesterday the sitcom got some bad news. The show’s Executive Producer Patrick Schumaker Tweeted, “#Powerless will not air this week or next. This, I know for sure. I can guess some other things but they’re not good. Thanks for watching.”

I don’t know why fans of Superheroes weren’t watching because I just adored this show. Hudgens was perfect for the role as the always positive Emily. Then there’s Ron Funches who is lovable in everything he does. I think NBC is making a mistake by not airing the remaining three episodes. I also think the show was never right for their network, it needed to be some place that was a little more quirky. I can’t think what channel that would be, but that is where it really belong.


BTWF roles: Andrea Martin in Black Christmas
April 25th, 2017 under Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Andrea Martin was known as a funny lady in roles like the one she has on Great News, she starred in one of the most infamous Horror movies ever made, Black Christmas. Isn’t nice to see the 27 year old in a much different type of part back in that 1974 classic?


Extra, extra! Great News is great!
April 25th, 2017 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Not since The Mary Tyler Moore Show has their been a newsroom based comedy as great as the classic sitcom, but that all changes tonight at 9p with NBC’s Great News.

Katie Wendelson (Briga Heelan) seems to have it all. She lives in Manhattan and has her dream job of working as a producer for a news station in New Jersey. But, there is one thing she doesn’t have, and that is peace and quiet from smothering mom. Carol (Andrea Martin) is one of those moms who loves her daughter so much, she just won’t leave her alone. Which normally isn’t a problem until Carol’s friend suddenly dies.

Now Carol decides to go back to school to study news production and gets an internship at Katie’s station. Now Katie’s very loving mom, gets to be around her daughter all the time, all, the, time.

Katie wants to get rid of her, but everyone seems to like her. The News Director Greg (Adam Campbell) likes her because she is older and that makes him look good. Especially to his bitchy British grandmother, who owns the company, but that comes in a later episode. Then there is the lead anchor Chuck Pierce (John Michael Higgins), who is a Ted Baxter like newsman. Carol is the only person who tells him like it is and he loves that. He shares secrets with her, and sometimes she guides in the wrong way. Finally, there is Portia Scott-Griffith (Nicole Richie) his co-anchor. She is young and would be more suited doing fluffier news, that and her and Chuck can’t stand each other. Like most newsanchors.

This is not your normal station, but it all works. Plus, they have become a family in a sort of way. Especially for Katie who has her mom working with her. Will she survive? You will have to tune into this show that is guaranteed to make you laugh every week.

It will also make you want to call your mom and tell her how much you love her because it is the strongest bond you will ever in your life. Seeing how close Katie and Carol are, will make you remember how much you love the woman who always makes you feel better. We all need shows like that and this will fill that void!


Be bewitched by Jenny Piccolo, Tabitha Stephens and Cindy Brady hanging out!
April 25th, 2017 under 60s, 70s, 80s. [ Comments: none ]

Something people outside of Hollywood don’t realize is that a lot of child stars are friends with other child stars from their age group. Many of them are up for the same roles, so they get to know one another and commiserate with each other at auditions. They have a bond that lasts until adulthood and beyond. Therefore, when one of them sadly passes away, it brings them together.

Yesterday, Cathy Silvers from Happy Days invited Erin Murphy aka Tabitha Stephens from Bewitched and Susan Olsen form The Brady Bunch over to talk about their friend Erin Moran, who passed away from 4th stage lung cancer at the age of 56 on Saturday. The three actresses grew up Moran behind the camera, so they lost a dear friend from their youth. For Silvers not only did she lose a friend off camera but one that also played her best friend on Happy Days. For Murphy, she lost someone with the same first name and first initial of her last name. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were sometimes confused for the other one during auditions. Finally, for Olsen it is someone who also knows what it is like the play the youngest child to a big family on TV. Besides all of that, it is someone who knows what they went through growing up in the public eye. Like I said, it is an unbreakable bond.

When it comes to three actresses, who ages range from 52-55, they all look phenomenal. You know, I hope some network sees them together and thinks we should give them a show together like The Golden Girls or Designing Women or Hot In Cleveland. Could you imagine awesome that would be? I would watch! I can totally see Pop TV having with it like they are with Return of the Mac and Hollwyood Darlings! It would be a hit and maybe they can get Alison Arngrim to join in on the fun.

Update: They talked to The Insider about their friend, so get the tissues ready as you watch their interview.


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