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Hotel Hell gets some heavenly news!
August 31st, 2012 under Gordon Ramsay. [ Comments: none ]

Forget Animation Domination, Fox is all about Ramsay Domination because they picked up Hotel Hell for a second season. The renewal is not a surprise because the show where Ramsay helps hotels get back on track has been a hit since its debut. No word when it will be back, but if you are a hotel in desperate need of help then email
I wonder what Fox and Ramsay will come up with next to go with his other Fox shows Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef and of course Hotel Hell. What is left?


Kyra Sedgwick didn’t realize Kevin Bacon was interested in her!
August 31st, 2012 under Conan O'Brien, Kevin Bacon. [ Comments: none ]

Kyra Sedgwick was on Conan and she told Conan O’Brien how Kevin Bacon wooed her about a quarter of a century ago. They were filming a movie called Lemon Sky, and at the end of the day of filming he would ask everyone who would want to go to dinner. Well every time he asked, she said no even though she was the only one he wanted to join him. Finally after a few weeks he concocted a plan to possibly finally get this date he so desperately he desired. Well when you hear her tell the story, let me know if you think it is sweet or stalkery? I am going with sweet because they have been married for 24 years and they are still going strong.
But if for some reason they get a divorce and he is back on the market again, it is a lot easier to straight out ask a girl then do all of that other stuff he did…and cheaper


Lisa Kudrow says that Craig Ferguson and Conan O’Brien suffer from the same thing
August 31st, 2012 under Craig Ferguson, Friends (cast). [ Comments: none ]

Lisa Kudrow was on The Late Late Show yesterday and she asked Craig Ferguson to be on her show. He asked if he could tell her his actual real problems and she thought that would be fantastic. So he decided why wait until he tapes her show, he thought let’s work on his problem on his show. So he said, “I am only ever happy when I am doing this show. When I am not here, I am miserable and I hate everybody. I actually hate everybody here as well when I am doing the show as well but I fake it for cash. And not very much cash.” She analyzed it for a second and then told him, “We kind of did that story with Conan O’Brien.” So what is she saying? All late night hosts are miserable people who are only when they do their shows? Or is she saying she was Team Leno??? I would rather it be the first option.


Tori Spelling adds another boy to her pack!
August 31st, 2012 under Aaron/Candy/Tori Spelling. [ Comments: none ]

Tori Spelling had her fourth child yesterday and he is a boy named Finn Davey. He has three older siblings Liam, 5, Stella, 4, and Hattie, 10 months.
Shortly after Tori announced the birth of her baby, she revelaed she was pregnant again. Just joking…


Chemical Engineer Dolph Lundgren got a Fulbright scholarship to MIT
August 31st, 2012 under Talk Shows. [ Comments: none ]

I remember when I was younger someone told me not to judge a book a by its cover and boy was I wrong about how I judge Dolph Lundgren. When I look at the action hero, I think he looks like a dumb blonde bodybuilder. Turns out he is actually really freaking brilliant. He confirmed to Jay Leno yesterday on The Tonight Show that he went to MIT on a Fulbright scholarship and he is actually Chemical Engineer. Boy do I feel stupid for thinking he was stupid.


Hot Links!
August 30th, 2012 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

Guess whose butt crack is showing? – Celebslam
Cover your ears for this one – Rickey
Who is considering p0rn offers? – Celebitchy
When did Emma Stone get so skinny? – GCeleb
Who is being sued for spreading herpes? – Yeeeah!
The Tanning Mom gets roasted by the son – Dlisted
Shia LaBeouf sent in a sex tape for a role – Amy Grindhouse
The Disney characters went on a diet – Hollywood Backwash

Yippee-ki-yay Bruce Willis debuts a clip from Die Hard 5
August 30th, 2012 under Bruce Willis, David Letterman. [ Comments: none ]

For five years Die Hard fans have been waiting for a glimpse of what is next for John McClane and Bruce Willis gave them a little taste of that on The Late Show with David Letterman. He debuted a clip from the upcoming blockbuster and I think he is going to be his biggest hit. Seriously could that scene be any more explosive? I never saw that coming, but I was blown away by how perfectly it fits.


BTWF roles: Jamie Kennedy on California Dreams
August 30th, 2012 under Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at 5:35 in)

Before Jamie Kennedy was a rapper in Malibu’s Most Wanted, he was a surfer on California Dreams. He looks the same now as he did when he was 24 in that 1994 episode, but he had much longer hair back then.


Seven Psychopaths looks like it will Shih Tzu
August 30th, 2012 under Movies. [ Comments: none ]

The red band trailer for Seven Psychopaths is out and wow I can’t believe how bad it looks. You have a good cast of serious actors trying to be funny again and I just don’t think it is going to work. It just feels so forced, and because of that it will be more painful than funny.


How Vince Vaughn got Steve Byrne to come up with Sullivan & Son
August 30th, 2012 under TNT/TBS/TCM. [ Comments: none ]

Sullivan & Son is a throw back to the ’80s sitcoms and because of that I love the show that airs Thursdays on TBS at 10p. It is a show about a NYC lawyer who moves back to Pittsburgh to help run his family’s bar with his tough Korean mom and his Irish dad. Besides having his blood family at the bar all the time, there also is interesting group of regulars who are consonantly there. Let’s just say if you grew up in the North East and did the neighborhood bar scene, then you know these types of patrons. So that makes the show very relocatable.
Steve Byrne came up with show because of his friend Vince Vaughn someone he met on the comedy circuit and Vaughn was trying to help break into acting. Only problem is there weren’t that many roles for someone that is Korean and Irish, so Vaughn had an idea, “I sort of encouraged him to come up with a concept that he was passionate about, and I would kind of support him and kind of, you know, instead of waiting for that role to come around, you know, kind of create your own weight with it.” So after several meetings they came up with Sullivan & Son and the rest is Hollywood history.
One of my favorite parts of the show is Steve’s mom and I wondered how close she is to his own. He told me on a conference call recently about how much his TV parents are like his real ones, “Yes, I mean, there’s going to be some people that say oh, it’s a stereotypical Asian mother, you know, who speaks in an accent. Well my mother came over from Korea and she does have an accent. And she grew up very poor. So she’s almost got the mentality of some of our great grandparents who came up during the Great Depression, where they really value, you know, pocket change.
“So my mom did really have that mentality, and my father is really an outgoing, just Irish – he’s got like an Irish bartender’s ear. He’s just a really outgoing, loves story telling, loves having a good laugh, so they really are like my parents. But as the show goes on and the scenarios get a little crazier they become caricatures of my parents.” The scenarios have gotten crazier as the show has gone on and that is what makes it so funny. So when you tune into tonight, you can see how his parents have become something they are not real life, but still have a little dose of reality to them.


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