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Hot Links!
November 30th, 2009 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]

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Did Lady Gaga get breast implants? – Yeeeah!
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Who spent the weekend in the hospital? – Litely Salted
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BTWF roles: Viggo Mortensen in Witness
November 30th, 2009 under Before They Were Famous. [ Comments: none ]

Before Viggo Mortensen was living with no electricity or cars in The Road, he was well doing the same Witness. You barely tell that the 26 year old actor in 1985 is the same Oscar nominee we know now.


CBS pulls Three Rivers from Sundays
November 30th, 2009 under CBS. [ Comments: 1 ]

Mean CBS has pulled Three Rivers from their lineup to air repeats of their crime dramas. I am really sad about this because this was the best new drama of the fall season that got better every week, but CBS never gave it a chance. They started it late and never promoted it like their other new shows. Plus they paired it with Cold Case and that show has never been good and who is still watching that show? How is that still airing on Sundays and Three Rivers isn’t?
The Live Feed is saying that CBS will still shoot all 13 episodes, but when and where is still TBD. Hey CBS since you f*cked with this show from Day 1 how about giving it a fighting chance and air it on Thursday at 8p when Survivor finishes it season?


Lady Gaga lands on her boom boom
November 30th, 2009 under Katy Perry / Lady Gaga/ Ke$ha. [ Comments: none ]

(starts at :19 in)

via Celebitchy
Lady Gaga was performing Teeth in Canada when she fell on her a$$. Although it wasn’t that great of a fall, it was still fun to watch especially because it was her!
BTW what was up with her moves throughout the number? It reminded me of a senior citizen aerobic class? She is 23 years old, but she was moving like she was 65.


Who are Moviefone’s UnSexiest Men Alive?
November 30th, 2009 under Odd. [ Comments: 2 ]

(photo from WireImage)

While People names who are the Sexiest Men Alive, Moviefone names their Unsexiest Men Alive. So who is the Unsexiest Man Alive? It is someone that no one will argue with them about…it’s Gary Busey. Joining him are…

2. Kevin Spacey
3. Justin Long
4. Paul Giamatti
5. Philip Seymour Hoffman
6. Randy Quaid
7. Michael Moore
8. Mickey Rourke
9. Joaquin Phoenix
10. John C. Reilly.

I think I agree with their list much more than I agreed with People’s, although I would switch out Justin Long with Steve Buscemi. How did Justin Long even make the list and no one from the Frat Pack did? Seriously when was the last time you thought of Vince Vaugh, Will Ferrell or Jack Black sexy?
After looking at all of those unsexy guys, I need to take a shower and picture my To-Do list!!!


Nathan Petrelli dies on Heroes tonight
November 30th, 2009 under Heroes. [ Comments: 2 ]

Tonight is the night that Nathan Petrelli dies on NBC’s Heroes according to Watch with Kristin. A few weeks ago it was rumored that an actor on the show found out he was going to be killed off by reading the script and then we learned it was true and that that actor is Adrian Pasdar. Well tonight at 8p we get to see just how they are going to do away with him. Personally I could care less that he is being killed off because they really haven’t used Nathan Petrelli for anything in a while and the last time they did they turned him to an evil back stabbing Hero. To be honest if they were going to kill anyone off I wish it would be Claire aka Hayden Panettiere because all she does is whine and and annoy me. Why does she have to be in every freaking episode? Actually to be honest the show kind of turned me off a little when they saved Charlie only to have her stuck in limbo so Samuel could control Hiro. That just left a bad taste in my mouth, but I could be biased because I just loved those two together and just hated how they handled that storyline.


Guess who that baby grew up to be?
November 30th, 2009 under Guess who?. [ Comments: 1 ]

Want to see who is a natural firecrotch then click here!


Remember Cindy Williams?
November 30th, 2009 under Remember?. [ Comments: none ]

Cindy Willimas aka Shirley Feeney came out to the Hollywood Christmas Parade and the 62 year old actress looks as good now as when she did Laverne & Shirley over 30 years ago! I wish they would do a reunion scripted special because I so miss that show!
BTW did you know she was Kate Hudson’s step mom because she was married to her father almost 20 years?


Are you freaking kidding me? A small plane crashes into Desperate Housewives
November 30th, 2009 under Desperate Housewives. [ Comments: none ]

So for months ABC has been teasing us that a plane was going to crash down on to Wisteria Lane and yesterday we got out first glimpse of the crash that is rumored to kill 5 characters on Desperate Housewives during Sunday’s episode. After seeing that little tiny plane, I am completely disappointed with ABC and Marc Cherry for telling us something big is going to happen and that is all we are getting. At one point there were rumors it was going to be an Oceanic Airlines plane and all we are getting is a puddle hopper. C’mon if you are going to have a plane crash, make it a freaking plane. I guess now we know why it is airing outside of November sweeps because if it were big were big they wouldn’t being airing it in December.
Now when it comes to who is going to die, I think they set the fan favorite up to be a jerk yesterday so we wouldn’t be so upset that he perishes. I also think that ABC and DH will be evil enough to have the crash come at the end of the show and we will have to wait until January to find out who died. If they do that, that is messed up because the show has been such crap this season that they should respect us loyal viewers and not leave us with a cliffhanger like that.
BTW am I the only who feels jipped that it is only a small plane that is causing so much havoc on the show?


Hot Links!
November 29th, 2009 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: 1 ]

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