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Supernatural season 3 bloopers!
August 31st, 2008 under Supernatural. [ Comments: 1 ]

One of the best things about Supernatural every year, besides the show, is the gag reel! There is just something so cute about Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles together and to see them in action is just so hysterical.
If you want see more fun things from the season that sent Dean to hell then you can pick up season 3 of Supernatural on DVD this Tuesday. There are some special editions coming out of DVD at Best Buy has a die-cast ’67 Chevy Impala inspired by Supernatural that is packaged with the DVD and at Target has a full-color 2009 locker calendar featuring Jared and Jensen. What girl doesn’t want that calendar to look at at every day of the year?
BTW Sam and Dean’s adventure continue on season 4th of Supernatural on September 18th on The CW I don’t about you, but I can’t wait to see if and how Dean gets out of hell.


More Band From TV from the Netflix show!
August 31st, 2008 under Band From TV. [ Comments: none ]

As many of you have read I had a great time finally seeing Band From TV at Gene Autry that was sponsored by Netflix! Well now Netflix put up the cut feed of some of the performances from that awesome show and I had to share it with you because what I shot wasn’t nearly as good!
BTW I can’t wait to see Band From TV again because they were so good. So if you have a chance to see them I highly suggest it because I promise you won’t be disappointed!


What is Alex Trebeck bloopers?
August 30th, 2008 under Game Shows. [ Comments: none ]

Wow, I never thought I would see that side of Jeopardy’s Alex Trebeck and I love it!!!


Finally Halle Berry’s daughter Nahla
August 30th, 2008 under Halle Berry. [ Comments: 2 ]

Halle Berry took her adorable daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry out to zoo! We have been waiting 5 months to see that little cuite and she is just precious! Plus Halle looks like she is just loving being a mom!!!

Not a flattering picture of Eva Longoria
August 30th, 2008 under Desperate Housewives. [ Comments: 2 ]

That is a not a good pair jeans for Eva Longoria especially from that angle. The zipper and the camel toe show that those jeans are too tight for her new fuller figure and that shirt is not helping the pregnancy rumors.

For The Love Of Grace premieres tonight on Hallmark Channel
August 30th, 2008 under Hallmark, Reviews. [ Comments: 1 ]

With a great career, close friends, and an upwardly mobile fiancé, ‘How To’ book writer Grace (Chandra West) appears to have the perfect life. Meanwhile, local firefighter Steve (Mark Consuelos), having just been suspended for his reckless, yet heroic style, seems to be heading in the opposite direction That is, until a fateful fire rescue fans the flames of attraction and gives them both a new perspective on life. Corbin Bernsen also stars. Watch the sparks fly in this heart-warming Hallmark Original Movie.
Watch the sparks fly in this heart-warming Hallmark Original Movie. With a great career, friends, and fiancé, Grace (Chandra West) appears to have the perfect life. Meanwhile, local firefighter Steve (Mark Consuelos) seems to be heading in the opposite direction. That is, until a fateful fire rescue fans the flames of attraction and gives them both a new perspective on life.

For The Love Of Grace is a lovely movie for a Saturday night Hallmark Channel movie at 9p. Mark Consuelos is fast is fast becoming one of my male romantic leads. I can’t believe I am saying this about Kelly Ripa’s husband, but after watching him in a second romantic lead, I so want a man like him. In For The Love Of Grace he plays such a sweet hero that is going through the loss of his wife. His brother is his best friend trying to help him move on, but he has been unsuccessful. That is until Steve, a fireman, saves Grace from a fire in her house. That fateful fire saves them both and changes them in way they never thought. Grace an engaged workaholic author realizes life is to short to work all the time and Steve learns he can love again. But as the two move on will Grace be Steve’s one, or will she stay with her fiance’. While going through all of this they put together a Gourmet Firehouse Cookbook with a lot of yummy recipes.
For The Love Of Grace is a sweet movie that will leave you feeling good, so check it out tonight on Hallmark Channel at 9p.


Contest Time!
August 29th, 2008 under Contests. [ Comments: 2 ]

Contest 1: Enter to a win a South Park Prize Package!!!

The Prize Pack includes a South Park Season 11 DVD, a character action figure and a limited edition UNO card game.

All you have to do is E-Mail me the answer at to "Who created South Park?" by August 29th with your name and address! A winner will be selected at random!
South Park: The Complete Eleventh Season- Uncensored” DVD is in stores now and can also be purchased at South Park : The Complete Eleventh Season- Uncensored” DVD is an exclusive three-disc collector’s edition comprised of all 14 legendary episodes. In addition to the Emmy-nominated episode, “The Imaginationland Trilogy,” this unforgettable compilation also features the episode “With Apologies To Jesse Jackson,” which presents Stan’s dad trying to find forgiveness after mistakenly using a racial slur on “Wheel of Fortune.” The bonus material contains five-to-seven minute mini-commentaries on all 14 episodes by creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Contest 2: Enter to a win a Gossip Girl: The Complete First Season DVD! All you have to do is E-Mail me the answer at to "What network is Gossip Girl on?" by September 10th with your name and address! A winner will be selected at random!

So what does Labor Day mean? Summer is over and Gossip Girl is finally back on The CW starting this Monday at 8p, but before the new season starts you can catch up on the show that everyone is talking about on DVD now.
Want to know a secret? A really juicy secret? Look no further than the latest message from Manhattan’s notorious blogger Gossip Girl. She keeps tabs on the city’s most elite teens as they make the rounds from the preppiest school events to the most lavish, decadent parties. And between Serena and Blair’s explosive friendship, Dan and Serena’s budding romance, Nate and Blair’s fairytale relationship (or is it?), Chuck’s escapades and Jenny’s introduction to the glamorous life, there’s a lot to track! In this 5-disc, 18-episode Season One, friends, lovers, rivals and enemies abound. Even the darkest secrets don’t stay hidden for long. You know you love it. XOXO!



Leave it to Madonna to go to an airport in a robe
August 29th, 2008 under Madonna. [ Comments: none ]

Only Madonna would actually go to an airport in just a robe. Seriously she could have put on some clothes in the limo. I think that is the tackiest thing I have seen her do and we all know she has done a lot of tacky things. 
She tells the world that she doesn't let her kids watch TV, but what type of example is she setting going to a public place in a robe. Madonna you are 50, put on some clothes.
BTW what is up with those bangs and those old lady shoes?

Sofia Vassilieva’s hair is growing back nicely!
August 29th, 2008 under NBC. [ Comments: 6 ]

Medium Dreams posted these photos of Sofia Vassilieva's hair growing back after the Medium star shaved off her gorgeous butt-legnth hair for the movie My Sister's Keeper. I tell you there is no way I could have done what she did, especially as a teen You know what the short hair is really working for her.
I can't believe how fast her hair is growing back, considering this how she looked in mid-May.
(photo from WireImage)

Hole in the Wall is coming September 7th
August 29th, 2008 under Fox. [ Comments: none ]

Fox is moving up the premiere of Hole in the Wall to Septemeber 7th and I can’t wait to see how the US does Human Tetris! I love Human Tetris and I know we are all going to love this show.
So make sure to watch a show that will become highly addictive starting on September 7th and then on Fox Thursday’s at 8p!


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