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February 28th, 2007 under Hot Links!. [ Comments: none ]

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Could Paris Hilton be jail bound?
February 28th, 2007 under Paris Hilton. [ Comments: none ]

TMZ confirmed that Paris Hilton could face jail time for being pulled over by cops last night in West Hollywood. Seems that she violated her probation by driving with a suspended license and could face 90 days in jail. When Paris plead no contest for her DUI arrest in September, the DMV suspended her license, which makes sense which is why I don't understand why Elliot Mintz and her did not know that it was suspended. The Judge put her on probation for 36 months on the condition she obey the laws which she did not last night. So it will be interesting to see if a Judge will really send her to jail or will she get community service? 

So my question is, is if Paris and Nicole Richie both do jail time together is that an automatic season of The Simple Life for E!? As Paris would say That would be hot!


Katherine Heigl stuck…I mean staying with Grey’s Anatomy
February 28th, 2007 under Grey's Anatomy. [ Comments: none ]

Watch with Kristin published a statement from ABC about the rumors that she might be leaving the show? Heigl has a 6 year contract with the show, so does not look like she will be going anywhere soon. But then again there is always an out clause.
"Katherine is an integral part of Grey's Anatomy and its success. Fortunately, we have a long-term contract to ensure she'll be with the show for several years to come. In recognition of her tremendous talent and value to the show, we recently approached Katherine with an offer to raise her compensation significantly above the terms of her current contract. We were surprised to see this gesture reported negatively in the press, and want to reassure fans that she will continue as Izzie Stevens."
Well can you blame the negotiations being leaked to the press? I mean if she is getting less than everyone else and she is stuck with a 4 more years on her contract, wouldn't you take it to the press? Wonder if the source was TR Knight, LOL?

What is Pete Doherty feeding the penguins?
February 28th, 2007 under Pete Doherty/Kate Moss. [ Comments: none ]

Just asking because look at how all the penguins are around Pete Doherty and Kate Moss. Is he secretly dealing to the penguins?
UPDATE: Although I was joking when I posted this, turn out it might be for real. LondonNet has this quote from someone there, "Everyone knew he was smoking grass. He was joking about getting the penguins stoned. He threw them his joint and it looked like one penguin gulped it down. It seemed very wobbly." I still hope this is untrue because that would be beyond sick.

Another risky road trip on Jericho tonight!
February 28th, 2007 under Jericho. [ Comments: none ]

"Black Jack" — As winter approaches, Jake and Johnston are joined by Dale and Heather on a trip to a trading post several hours outside of town in search of equipment to fix the local windmill, on JERICHO , Wednesday, Feb. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS.


After last two episodes where they showed what happened before the bombs went off and added some new cast members who survived a plane crash I am interested to see where the show will be going tonight!


Vincent Pastore is a Big Pu$$y when it comes to DWTS
February 28th, 2007 under Dancing with the Stars. [ Comments: none ]

People reports that Vincent Pastore has dropped out of Dancing with the Stars because it was too strenuous for him. "When I initially committed to joining Dancing with the Stars I didn't realize just how physically demanding it would be for me," Pastore said in a statement. "Unable to put forth my best effort, I felt it appropriate to step aside and give someone else the opportunity." He added, "I wish my partner, Edyta [Sliwinska] and the other dancers the best of luck." Producers of the show harbor no ill will against the actor, who is best known for his work on The Sopranos. "Dancing With the Stars is physically demanding and it pays to know your limits," the show's executive producer, Conrad Green, said in a statement. "We respect his decision." This isn't the first time someone has left the show. Master P took over for his son Lil Romeo when he injured himself playing basketball before the show started. And last year Sara Evans had to dropped out midway though because of a messy divorce and no one replaced her. It will be interesting to see what ABC and DWTS are going to do? Who do you think should replace him? I think his fellow Sopranos and Celebrity Fit Club actor, Joseph R Gannascoli, should do it!



Guess what cute couple went for a bicycle ride?
February 28th, 2007 under Guess who?. [ Comments: none ]

Can’t place the cute couple, then click here!


K-Fed good dad and ex-husband
February 28th, 2007 under Britney Spears/KFed. [ Comments: 1 ]

Us Weekly reports that K-Fed has really stepped up as father of Sean Preston and Jayden James. In fact he put his life on hold to take care of his two boys with Britney Spears.  “He’s devastated and cries all the time,” a source close to Federline, 28, tells Us. “Kevin wants to get back together with her. He is her biggest supporter." On that note People reports that it was his ultimatum was what finally forced Britney top get the help she needs. He told her she needed to go back to rehab or he was going to court the next morning to get full custody of the boys. And even in her state, she had to know the Judge would side with him. Kevin is working with her mother to make sure she gets the help she needs. "Kevin loves Britney … nothing has changed about that."  Right now the boys are "being taken care of by Kevin," says a source. "Lynne is helping." Eventually, says a Spears family friend, Federline, who will turn 29 this month, "would like [Britney] to have the kids because he thinks she is a good mother." Yesterday TMZ reported that Britney might be suffering from Post Partum Depression and that is what is sending her over the edge. I think that makes sense. Since having Jayden she has filed for divorce from Kevin, got caught without undies 3 times, partied with Paris Hilton and whoever was available, went through men like money and shaved her head. Maybe when this is all over she will get back with Kevin. Because the one thing we learned from all of this, he is a good dad and a good ex-husband.


Pete Doherty finally moves in with Kate Moss?
February 28th, 2007 under Pete Doherty/Kate Moss. [ Comments: none ]

Pete Doherty has moved in with lover Kate Moss. The Babyshambles frontman was seen carrying a treasured gold disc, a banjo, clothes and a baby-seat into the supermodel's luxurious north London flat. A source revealed: "It was hilarious, Pete was shifting all this tatty stuff into Kate's posh home. Pete was carrying his gold disc and wherever that disc is, Pete is. If he has moved it into Kate's it means he is staying there permanently." As he carried his belongings into Kate's property, Pete – who wasn't wearing a shirt – stopped to entertain onlookers by strumming on his banjo. Kate, 33, was sporting a diamond ring on her engagement finger. Pete, 27, was kicked out of his east London flat after owing £10,000 in unpaid rent. After he left, photographs were released showing blood-spattered walls, drug paraphernalia, empty beer cans and cigarette butts strewn everywhere. Landlord Andreas Panayiotou claimed Pete was the "worst tenant" he had ever had.

ISE (story) and The Sun (photo) 

I thought they were already living together. Now I wonder how long he will be staying, you know, before he is back in priory? 


Paris Hilton gets pulled over by the cops again
February 28th, 2007 under Paris Hilton. [ Comments: none ]

(Photos from Flynet Online) 
According to AP Paris Hilton was pulled over again by the cops last night in West Hollywood. Seems after being trapped in her for a photoshoot she went over to the Virgin Megastore to get some CDs. Wonder if she got Sammy Hagar's I Can't Drive 55 because cops pulled her over for speeding and driving without her headlights. Paris was driving her $250,000 Bently at the time, you would think the car's headlights would go on automatically. I mean my car that is worth 10% of that has that option. Anyways, when cops pulled her over they realized her driver's license was suspended. Elliott Mintz and her did not know it was suspended, but I wonder if that happened, you know when she was arrested for DUI several months ago? All Paris Hilton got this time was a ticket, a misdemeanor and her car was impounded. Maybe it is time for her to get a driver.

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