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This is how Mariah Carey walks her dog!
July 1st, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Mariah Carey likes to show us how normal she is by posting photos on Instagram of herself doing things that you and I do. For example, riding the subway or taking her kids to the park. Yesterday, she shared a picture of herself walking her dog, Cha Cha, at night and it is the most normal she’s looked out of all those scenarios. Instead of being dressed to the nines, she went out in public with her natural curls, no makeup, a black shirt, black pants and napsack purse. You know what, if she did this more often, I think we would all like her so much more. I know I like seeing the real Mariah over the Diva Mimi. What about you?


Nick Cannon was the cutest baby!
June 24th, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]


Nick Cannon shared this photo of himself as a baby next to his two babies, Roc and Roe, asking if we could see the resemblance. While I will admit that their eyes are totally the same, all my eyes could focus on is what a cute baby he was. Don’t you just want to squeeze the America’s Got Talent host’s chubby cheeks?


This how Mariah Carey takes her kid to the park!
June 2nd, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, Mariah Carey showed us she is just like us by riding a NYC subway. But unlike us she did it in evening gown. Today, she once again tried to prove that point by taking Dem Babies to the park. And again she dressed to the nines.
Although this time instead of digging her heels into who knows what at the train station, her heels were sinking into the rubber mats they put down to protect kids who fall a lot. I got to know those mats very well when I was kid.
But back to Mimi, you know what, say what you want to about her, but she is a good mom who spends a lot of time with her kids. She might be a Diva when it comes to a lot of things, but not when it comes to Roc and Roe.


Mariah Carey actually rides a subway
May 29th, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Stop the presses. Just when you think that Mariah Carey‘s bodacious butt is too good for the subway, she surprises us all by actually riding on one. Who would’ve ever thought? Not me? And not the guy at the other end of the car. His face says it all.
The morale of this post, is that you can truly see anything and anyone on a NYC subway.


Roe Cannon sings just like her mom, Mariah Carey!
May 29th, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Mariah Carey Instagrammed this video of her daughter, Roe, singing along to her song, Supernatural; and she performed just like her mom. Even though the 3 year old was confined to car seat, that didn’t stop her from belting out the notes just like Mimi would on stage. So I predict in a few years, the toddler will be releasing her own album and going on tour. When it comes to her brother, Roc, I think he will be hosting a show or acting like his dad.
Dem Babies truly are their parents mini-mes!


Mariah Carey’s bodyguard is guarding her body!
May 2nd, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Maria Carey Instagrammed this photo of herself surrounded by fans at Times Sq yesterday, but it wasn’t any of them that I noticed. All I could notice was how her bodyguard was totally checking out her boobs. He isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he is. I guess if he is going to be so obvious, everyone else will realize not to mess with her because he is there to protect her body and only her body.


Dem Babies got cars for their third birthday!
May 1st, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday was Roc and Roe Cannon’s third birthday and Dem Babies got motorized cars for their milestone. So while you and I celebrated turning three buy getting Hot Wheels, they got wheels that are really hot from their rents, Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon.
I wonder if the couple, who beat our odds by 6 years and counting, want to adopt another child. You know, me!


Dem Babies really are Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s mini-me!
April 28th, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Nick Cannon Instagrammed these pictures of Roc and Roe, and Dem Babies are totally their parents kids. The nearly three year old boy shows off his brawn just like his dad, and his daughter is a Diva just like Mariah Carey. Just think if the twins are like this when they are toddlers, imagine what they are going to be like when they are teens. They’ll be even cuter to us, and big terrors for their parents!


Mariah Carey and her mini-me!
April 20th, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Mariah Carey shared this photo of her with her daughter, Roe, and it’s amazing how much alike they are. She is going to be a Diva just like her mom, and Nick Cannon and Roc are going to have their hands full with them. I wish them luck.


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are doing it like rabbits!
April 18th, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

It is Easter on Sunday and Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are dressing up for the holiday. How cute do they look in their Easter costumes?
Dem Babies are lucky to have them as parents because how many mothers and fathers would dress up for the holiday?
Who knows maybe if the two bunnies do it like rabbits, then Roc and Roe will get a brother and sister by next Easter?!?


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