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Can Katy Perry and Mariah Carey look any more awkward together?
July 20th, 2015 under Katy Perry / Lady Gaga/ Ke$ha, Mariah Carey, Strange Encounters. [ Comments: 1 ]

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Katy Perry and Mariah Carey posed for the cameras together and I think you can totally tell they are faking it. I mean I can feel the tension between the two singing Divas through my computer screen. Do you feel it too?
Personally, I think it has to do with the fact that they both have the same chest size and they are used to being the woman with the mostest boobies. Either that or in their heads they are trying to calculate who has the most Grammys and who has more #1 singles? What do you think it is?


Monroe Cannon is definitely Mariah Carey’s daughter!
July 18th, 2015 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Nick Cannon shared a photo of his twins and his daughter is so her mother’s child. Look at the way that Monroe is posing for the camera, it is exactly like Mariah Carey. I feel for Nick because he is going to have his hands full with her.


Mariah Carey says America Idol ‘was the worst experience of my life’
May 28th, 2015 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: 1 ]

Mariah Carey was being interviewed by KIIS’s Kyle and Jackie O in Australia about her Las Vegas show and they asked her about another show she did. They wanted to know if she will be on American Idol’s series finale next year. She told them, “Hell no! Absolutely not.” She explained, “That was the worst experience of my life. I’m not going to get into what it was. But let’s just say, I don’t think they had any intentions for us to have a good experience during that show.” What did she mean when she said that, she told them, “Pitting two females against each other wasn’t cool. It should have been about the contestants instead of about some non-existent feud that turned into even more ridiculousness.” She ended her thoughts by reiterating “I would never want to be involved in it again. But everyone else can like it.”
Then when Kyle Sandilands told how much he hated judging reality shows because they were boring, she had something to say about that too. She said, “It’s so boring and so fake.” Then she added, “I’m sorry, I just think it’s, you know, when I say it’s fake, I mean, it’s just like, you have to make up things to say about people. Half the time, the performances are good, you just be like ‘It was good.’ You just feel like ending it there ‘It’s really good.'”
She might’ve wanted to say more, but her time was up. So the DJs tossed to her song Love Takes Time and she told them, “Ending on a good note.” Something she obviously didn’t end her time with American Idol on. Ouch!
I guess it will be easier to get Brian Dunkleman on the show next year, than Mimi.


When Lady Gaga met Mariah Carey!
December 22nd, 2014 under Katy Perry / Lady Gaga/ Ke$ha, Mariah Carey. [ Comments: 5 ]

When you think of the biggest Divas in today’s music world, you think of Lady Gaga and Mariah Carey. So what happens when the two songstresses meet? They take a Selfie together, of course. But sadly these women who love taking photos of themselves, couldn’t take a good one together. Oh well, I am sure they will look better on the album cover for their duet. They haven’t said they were doing one, but what a sweet sweet fantasy it would be if they did.


Mariah Carey got back!
November 4th, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Mariah Carey spends so much time showing us her body from the front, that we forget that she actually has a bodacious butt!
People talk about Kim Kardashian and J-Lo’s bums, but I think they should start talking about hers because it is half the size of Mrs Kanye West’s and twice the size of Jennifer Lopez’s. Which in a way makes it perfect. Right?


Mariah Carey confuses Halloween and Christmas?
October 30th, 2014 under Halloween, Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Mariah Carey dressed up for Halloween during her show yesterday in Bangkok, but her costume is for a holiday that is still two months away. Mimi went as Mrs Claus and Christmas came early for her fans. I guess you can wear whatever you want for Halloween, but I don’t believe in switching up holidays. Lord knows, we will be seeing more of the Clauses than we want for the next 60 days.


Did Mariah Carey’s high note crack your computer screen?
October 20th, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Mariah Carey shared this video of her warming up her voice and what a voice it is. She hit a note that was so high that my cat ran under the bed and won’t come out. Which I don’t blame her because Mimi’s voice cracked her food bowl.
Seriously, when will the ringing in my ears stop?


Monroe Cannon is walking in her mother’s stiletto footsteps!
October 13th, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

Mariah Carey Instagrammed this video of her daughter, Monroe, walking in her stiletto boots, and the 3 and half year old is better at than I am. She is going to be such a big Diva, just like her mom. And I bet Mimi wouldn’t have it any other way.
Seriously though, how awwwwdorable is the toddler?


Nick Cannon breaks his silence
September 3rd, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: 1 ]

Ever since the rumors started that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey had separated, both have remained pretty much silent about the split.
Today, Nick Cannon broke his silence on Twitter:

I have personally been absent from social media for the past few months for obvious reasons but I feel the need to finally speak up…
During this challenging time for me and my family it saddens me that the media can be such evil bottom feeders…
Because my family & I haven’t been forthcoming with personal information, people are quick to paint negative pictures and spread rumours
For the record I NEVER have, nor will I make a statement regarding my marriage.
So whatever your favorite gossip outlet is reporting has been created within their own imagination…
At this difficult time I would ask all civilized people to please respect my family and this process…
What infuriates me most is to hear people slander @MariahCarey . I will forever be in debted to her for blessing me with our children…
I will always love her unconditionally for this and so much more. @MariahCarey is an amazing Mother and I trust her wholeheartedly…
So to see false reports in the media stating otherwise is absurd! While I would like to remain silent I can no longer allow this to happen.
I love @MariahCarey and that will never change!!!
If the media wants to portray me as the Bad guy that’s fine…
But it is unfair to drag innocent people into the equation…
Others have lives, families, and careers and for the media to slander them is down right evil and illegal…
I apologize to anyone who’s gotten caught up in this unwarranted drama.
BTW Shouts out to the so called “Sources”!
I hope the check was worth it… @
“Don’t worry about my life, worry about why you’re worried about my life!”
And finally, “Trouble in Paradise” is the dumbest phrase I’ve ever heard! I would never say that sh!t
Now back to your regularly scheduled programming… #radiosilence

I know I am in the minority, but I am still sad that they are no longer together. They truly seemed like a loving couple, but hey it happens to the best of couples. Look at our friends and family, and the couples we thought were going to make it and didn’t.


Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey’s sweet sweet fantasy is over.
August 21st, 2014 under Mariah Carey. [ Comments: none ]

As soon as we heard that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got married, we were expecting to hear that they split up. Then they celebrated their first wedding anniversary, their second one, their third, their fourth, their fifth and their sixth, so you thought that maybe they were actually going to make it.
In the last week, rumors have been swirling that they were living part, and today Nick Cannon confirmed that indeed they are to The Insider. He told them, “There is trouble in paradise, we have been living in separate houses for a few months.” Then he added that, “My main focus is my kids.” He also made it clear that there’s no truth to him cheating on his wife.
Mariah Carey’s publicist would not comment on the split, but did say that singer is focusing on their three year old twins Roc and Roe, and she is prepping for her tour.
As someone who was a naysayer at first about their marriage, I am really hoping they can work it out. The way he talks about her, it always seemed like it was a love affair for the ages. Plus, I think she really needs to consider, how many other men would put up with her the way he did.


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