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2017 says Bye Bye Birdie until 2018
May 25th, 2017 under J-Lo, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

In October, NBC announced that Bye Bye Birdie with Jennifer Lopez was going to be their 2017 live Christmastime musical and today they said they are postponing it until 2018. According to Variety, the delay is due J-Lo’s busy schedule. Which I find interesting because she has had six months to plan for the rehearsal schedule needed for the live Musical production. That makes me wonder what is the real reason? Like is it due to it being an older, not as well known production and the modern day one they did in December didn’t stick like Hairspray with the ratings? We don’t know.

What we do know is that there will be no live production this year, and the next time we will see one on NBC is this Easter with Jesus Christ Superstar. That live show is done by the same production team that is doing Bye Bye Birdie. Maybe 2 live performances was too much for them and too costly for the network to bomb like poop coming from birdie in a tree? Things that make you go hmmmm?


The verdict is finally in for NBC’s Trial & Error!
May 20th, 2017 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Even though NBC announced their 2017-2018 schedule last week, there was show that was still waiting to find out if it would be back for another season. Today, that show found out its fate and Trial & Error will be back for a 10-episode second season!

All I have to say is about time because this is the wittiest comedy to grace our televisions in a while. You either have to watch it closely or watch it a few times if you want to catch all the jokes. Even then, you might miss a few. Although you might miss a joke or two, there are still plenty of them that will leave you laughing until you cry.

If you missed the first season, then you can watch it on or their app.


Can Arrow’s Stephen Amell beat the American Ninja Warrior course?
May 18th, 2017 under NBC, The CW. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Stephen Amell is good at stunts on The CW’s Arrow, but how is he in real life? Next Thursday, we will find out when he attempts the American Ninja Warrior course on the Red Nose Day special. In the above preview he is pretty impressive. Actually, he is more than impressive. He worked those Fly Wheels like a real Superhero. I have not been this wowed by him since Hung, but that was for a completely different reason!!!


Here is NBC’s Fall schedule!
May 14th, 2017 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

NBC announced their Fall schedule and thankfully we have DVRs. Why? Because most of their shows are moving to a new day and/or time.

Monday starts off with The Voice and leads into the new drama Brave. The latter is not a good fit with the former. After reading the description and watching the trailer, I have no idea what Brave is about, do you?

Tuesday starts off with The Voice, leads into Superstore and The Good Place and ends with Chicago Fire. When are networks going to realize that Reality followed by Comedies followed by a Drama doesn’t work. People like to watch at least two hours of the same type of programming.

Wednesday leads of with the ever moving The Blacklist into two stable shows Law & Order: SVU and Chicago PD.

Thursday they are trying to make it Must See TV again with Will & Grace, Great News, This Is Us and Law & Order: True Crime. NBC would’ve been smart to lead the night with Chicago Med into This Is Us. Together those two would’ve destroyed TGIT over on ABC. I don’t think Tina Fey guest starring on Great News is going to help it in the ratings department. If The Voice can’t do it, neither will the NBC favorite.

Blindspot and Taken move to Fridays for the first two hours of Primetime. I don’t foresee anyone new tuning it and Taken needs to be taken by viewers because it wasn’t doing well on Mondays.

All in all, NBC looks to be in trouble, but anything can happen. Like them thinking of redoing the schedule over the summer. Maybe they can take taxi in NYC and have Reverend Jim work his magic.

Some other news from NBC and it is super. This Is Us gets the post Super Bowl slot. Which sounds good on paper, but it is not the right audience for TV biggest night. Although, I expect it to be one hell of a standalone episode. The network still hasn’t decided the fates for Trial & Error and Chicago Justice. I don’t know why they didn’t pick up the former because it was their strongest comedy in a really long time.

To see the Fall schedule and descriptions of the new shows, then click here!


Did Timeless use time travel to save itself?
May 13th, 2017 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Timeless had such a cult following, like William Shatner and Leslie Jones, that 3 days after NBC cancelled it, they changed their minds and picked it up for 10 more episodes.

Executive Producers Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan broke the happy news on Twitter and said that they will be back in 2018. I will take it when I can get it. I just hope they don’t pull a Jericho. As in, the fans save the show and then they completely f*ck it up. Man that was such a let down, but I doubt Timeless will let us down. If not, we will invent a time machine and get our revenge on them. Oh wait, we can’t because we can’t go back in our lifetime. Therefore, we will have a kid and tell them in 20 years they need to go back in time to 2017 and get our revenge. I think I need to stop watching shows and movies about time travel.

While Timeless got good news, 2 Broke Girls got bad news. It was cancelled after 6 seasons. Also cancelled yesterday was NBC’s The Blacklist Redemption.

It wasn’t all bad news, ABC picked up Speechless and Fresh of the Boat, Fox renewed Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Exorcist (weirdest decision of them all) and NBC sticks with Law & Order: SVU. Bringing the latter’s run into season 19, which is one hell of a run. Especially since Mariska Hargitay never ages.

UPDATE: CBS cancelled The Great Indoors, but they are not done with the outdoor. They renewed Amazing Race. They also renewed the low rated Elementary. This is a season where ratings don’t mean that much.

UPDATE 2: On Sunday Fox picked up New Girl for a shortened final season. Meanwhile over at CBS, they renewed Code Black and cancelled Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.


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