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Take another pleasurable trip to Welcome to Sweden
July 19th, 2015 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Welcome to Sweden is back to on NBC tonight at 8p and it is unlike anything else that airs on American television. Mostly because it is filmed in Sweden and because of that, this show is as beautiful to watch as it is enjoyable.
Even though Bruce (Greg Poehler) has been living in Sweden for 6 months now, he is still adjusting to his new country. He still hasn’t found job and that is making things complicated for him. Even though he’s still unemployed that isn’t stopping him from thinking of asking his girlfriend Josephine to marry him. Before he pops the questions, he is going to ask her parents for her hand in marriage. When he does, he finds out that Sweden has a much different view of marriage than they do in The States. Now he has to decide if he is still going to propose to her.
To make matters worse for Jo and him, they are going to get a new roommate. How will that effect their relationship?
In an upcoming episode, Amy Poehler gets Bruce a job. He will be “The Man” in Sweden for Jason Priestley who only is interested in one thing and touring Sweden isn’t it.
Welcome to Sweden is a refreshing comedy, but it is also an educational one. You get to learn about Sweden and the Swedish, their customs, their language and so much more. Wait until you learn how they say yes. I know I can’t stop using it.
So tune in for a comedy that is as sweet as Swedish Fish, tonight and every Sunday at 8p on NBC!


NBC uses Donald Trump’s catchphrase on him!
June 29th, 2015 under Donald Trump, NBC. [ Comments: 2 ]

We know that Donald Trump loves saying, “You’re fired” on NBC, and now NBC said those two words to him.
Over 217,000 people signed a petition at asking NBC to fire Donald Trump and his shows over the recent comments he made during the speech announcing that he is running for President, and the Peacock network heard their uproar.
NBC release a statement today saying that:

At NBC, respect and dignity for all people are cornerstones of our values.
Due to the recent derogatory statements by Donald Trump regarding immigrants, NBCUniversal is ending its business relationship with Mr. Trump.
To that end, the annual Miss USA and Miss Universe Pageants, which are part of a joint venture between NBC and Trump, will no longer air on NBC.
In addition, as Mr. Trump has already indicated, he will not be participating in “The Apprentice” on NBC.

NBC added that Celebrity Apprentice will continue on with Mark Burnett’s production company, but they did not say who will replace Trump in the boardroom. As long as the show’s continues on, I am OK with their decision. Heck, Celebrity Apprentice will most likely be a better show without him.
I bet Donald Trump never saw this coming, through his combover, when he announced that he was running for President.

To read Donald Trump‘s response, then click here!


When will your favorite NBC show be back?
June 22nd, 2015 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

NBC announced today when their falls shows are premiering and I am not happy they are messing with Chicago Fire. That is the bad news, the good news is it looks like Neil Patrick Harris’ variety show is in trouble because they moved it up to before the scheduled start of the fall season, so they can get rid of it earlier. The move makes sense because the Oscars were his career’s death nail. I realize it wasn’t fully his fault, but he didn’t save them either. If the Academy Awards were his idea of variety, it didn’t win over America.
When it comes to the rest of the shows, People are Talking will be lucky to make it December the comedy is premiering in mid-October and most shows (minus Grimm) fail if the debut that late. Why am I not saying that about Chicago Med? Because that is a spinoff of Fire, Med and SVU, so I expect a big crossover launch for it.
What night are you most excited for? I can’t wait to have my Heroes back and to watch the cast of Undateable do the unthinkable every week and go live! I hope they can handle the hour because I wouldn’t be surprised that when People are Talking gets cancelled NBC asks them to do that every week.

Tuesday, Sept. 15
Monday, Sept. 21
8-10 — THE VOICE
Wednesday, Sept. 23
9-11 — LAW & ORDER: SVU
Thursday, Sept. 24
10-11 — THE PLAYER
Wednesday, Sept. 30
10-11 — CHICAGO P.D.
Friday, Oct. 9
Tuesday, Oct. 13
Friday, Oct. 16
Friday, Oct 30
9-10 — GRIMM
Tuesday, Nov. 10


Next week’s The Island is really sh!tty
June 11th, 2015 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

We have seen a lot things on reality TV like couples having sex in a box or slicing off part of their fingers, but I don’t ever remember seeing anyone have such issues taking a poop that they needed a medic to assist. On Monday night, that is exactly what happens when Trey Williams feels like something isn’t coming out from down there and he is in so much pain because of it on NBC’s The Island.
Trey goes somewhere remote on The Island to do his business, but the pain is so intense that he screams in agony. Some of the others contestants hear him wailing and they ask for the doctor to help him out. Armed only with a pair of gloves, Dr Buck Parker goes in to save the day. What he discovers in there is bark, coconut shells and bark. When all is said and done, Trey is suffering from an anal fissure. Even though everything above it is now clear, the pain might be too much for him to continue. Will he stay? We will just have to tune in, but I am not sure we want to.
Some things are better left to the unknown on reality TV and that is on the top of the list!
Since I can’t go without making a joke (sorry Trey), we know reality show stars can be a pain in the a$$, but here is a contestant who really has a pain in the a$$. Folks, I will be here all week.


Melissa George is pregnant and her show moves to midseson
June 5th, 2015 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

The good news is that Melissa George is pregnant with her second child, the bad news her medical drama, Heartbreaker, that was to debut in the fall has been pushed until after she pushes out the baby. According to her Facebook page, the NBC show will continue filming until she has the baby and then the show will take a break. The good news for the show is that she plays a doctor who wears a lab coat that can easily hide her growing baby bump. Well the coat, patients lying on the operating table and the clipboards that doctors carry around will also help to keep her belly hidden.
So what will air in Heartbreaker’s timeslot in the fall? One of NBC’s other medical dramas Chicago Med which is a spinoff of Chicago Fire. Good thing they made the announcement now, so that they can plan to have a four episode crossover in November with Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD and Law & Order: SVU. I wonder how they will the top the one they did in April.


It’s the dawning of the age of Aquarius on NBC tonight!
May 28th, 2015 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on NBC’s Aquarius, David Duchovny is playing a cop unlike any other one on television today.
The year is 1967, America is going through a change. The structured lifestyles of the 40’s and 50’s are being replaced by one of free love. It is taking the older generation some time to come to grips with the changes, but they have no choice.
Sam Hodiak (David Duchovny) is a decorated World War II vet and homicide detective, and his life is about to change with a phone call. His ex-girlfriend, from before they were both married with kids, calls him because her 16 year old daughter, Emma (Emma Dumont), has gone missing. Because her current husband is about to run for office, they need to keep her disappearance a secret. He takes on the case, and as soon as he does he starts hitting road blocks because the kids don’t want to talk to the uptight pig.
Brian Shafe (Grey Damon) has been working undercover, so he speaks like the people Hodiak needs to talk to. Together the two of them work as a team to find out what happened to Emma. The find out that she has run away to be with a man named, Charles Manson (Gethin Anthony).
Since this is 1967, Manson is not yet the man we know. Who is he? That is what we are going to find out little by little each week.
As Manson becomes the manipulative criminal that he is known for today, Hodiak will continue to search for him.
Aquarius is a look back at 48 years ago and how different it was then as it is now. After all it was the dawning of the age of Aquarius and the world was in the midst of a change.
The NBC procedural is different than all the others, not only because of when it takes place but also because of the styling. It captures the era and that uniqueness makes it so captivating to watch.


Find out if celebrities can do that
May 26th, 2015 under ABC, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Jon Jonas and Ciara can sing, Cheryl Burke can dance and Jeff Dye can do comedy, but can they spin a basketball like the Harlem Globetrotters? We will find out tonight and every Tuesday this summer at 10p on NBC’s I Can Do That.
Each week Cheryl Burke, Ciara, Jeff Dye, Joe Jonas, Alan Ritchinson and Nicole Scherzinger will have to chose whether or not they can do an act that was just offered to them. If they think they can do it, they have one week to master it and perform it for us. What do they get? There is no prize, but Jeff Dye says getting out his comfort zone is reward enough.
Now back to the choosing, 4 acts demonstrate their talents one at a time. After each act one celebrity locks in that talent for their own and brings one of the other contestants to join them. Sounds easy, but it isn’t. Dye explained at the NBC Summer Press Day, “Sometimes when you commit to an act, you get all upset. You know you got the first act and then something will come out after it and you’re like, I’m already locked in with this act because they’ve gotten such good acts.” Then he added, “Then other times you sleep on something, you wait and you’re like I don’t know if I want to do that. I don’t know if I want to do that. Then you’re just stuck with the third one, and you’re like, oh, now I’ve got a week of doing this. So there’s a lot of thinking going on, which I’m not used to.” Burke chimed in, “Or if there’s an act that we may already know how to do, we wouldn’t run up and get the act because it wouldn’t be fair.” Then she added, “So the whole point of the show is to really try and step out of your comfort zone and see us at our most vulnerable state. I think that’s the beauty of the show, is you get to see us. We’re all amazing at what we do, but can we do something else? To see our personalities shine through in a whole different light is why the show is amazing, honestly.”
Joe Jonas explained why he agreed to do it, “This show is something that I think a lot of us were kind of wondering what the concept would be, how it would work out, and we’re all thrilled we did it.” Adding, “I mean, for us as creative people, it’s amazing to get up and be put in a challenge where you can’t back down. You have to just give it your all for a week. It can be anything from the Blue Man Group to the Jabbawockeezs and the Harlem Globetrotters, of course. If you’re not giving your all, it can really be a funny outcome.” But if you give it your all, there can be consequences as Burke divulged, “I mean, I thought ballroom dancing was hard. I have never been sore like this in my life.”
So what type of approach do you take when you sign up for this show? Scherzinger said, “Balls to the wall.” Then she added, “In our first show, we were all looking at each other, we’re like what are we doing? We didn’t know but we were just going with it and going full throttle. So I was really excited. I’m like let’s do it.”
So find out if they can do it on I Can Do That!


NBC’s fall schedule is….
May 10th, 2015 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

NBC announced their fall schedule and at first glance I don’t know what to think of it. I was hoping they would’ve made more changes, but maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t. They need to improve things and maybe by keeping things the same, it will help.
The biggest mistake is scheduling Neil Patrick Harris’ show at 10p. Didn’t they learn from Jay Leno, people don’t want that at 10p. That is why it’s drama heavy. I also think it’s a mistake to put the Undateable live episodes on Fridays. NBC is doing the most risky thing on television next season and they are just shoving it off on the death night. You should’ve put it on at 8p on Tuesday followed by The Voice and then maybe NPH’s dud would thrive. Sorry the Oscars and overexposure ruined NPH. People are tired of him. But who knows.
When it comes to the rest! As you know I am saying Yatta to Heroes Reborn, which will kill off Grey’s Anatomy, if ABC brings it back at its regularly scheduled time.
What do you think of the fall schedule?

8-10 P.M. — “The Voice”
10-11 P.M. — “BLINDSPOT”

8-9 P.M. — “The Voice”
10-11 P.M. — “BEST TIME EVER WITH NEIL PATRICK HARRIS” (through November)
10-11 P.M. — “Chicago Fire” (premieres in November)

8-9 P.M. — “The Mysteries of Laura”
9-10 P.M. — “Law & Order: SVU”
10-11 P.M. — “Chicago P.D.”

9-10 P.M. — “The Blacklist”
10-11 P.M. — “THE PLAYER”

8-8:30 P.M. — “Undateable”
9-10 P.M. — “Grimm”
10-11 P.M. — “Dateline”

8-10 P.M. — “Dateline Saturday Night Mystery”
10-11 P.M. — “Saturday Night Live” (Classic encores)

7-8:20 P.M. — “Football Night in America”
8:20-11 P.M. — “Sunday Night Football”

To read descriptions of the new shows, then click here!


Will you go all Constantine when you read which shows got cancelled?
May 8th, 2015 under CBS, Fox, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

On Monday we find out what the networks have planned for next season and today we found out some more shows that won’t be included on their schedules.
NBC pulled the plug on Constantine, About a Boy, Marry Me, State of Affairs and One Big Happy. I knew that NBC wasn’t going to move forward with Constantine, I was just hoping it would’ve had a new home by now. Some are saying The CW, but I am hoping for Syfy instead.
Over at Fox since Following lost its following and Backstrom never had one, they won’t be following Empire to the 2015-2016 season. Too bad they can’t cancel Wayward Pines today too.
Finally, CBS ended the ratings battle for Battle Creek, The McCarthys and Stalker.
Which show are you most upset to lose?


The making of a Chicago Fire burn victim
April 29th, 2015 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

If you watched Chicago Fire, the first part of the three episode crossover with Law & Order: SVU and Chicago PD, then you were probably impressed with the burn victim that was featured on the show. If you thought that was impressive, seeing how makeup and hair made her look that way, will leave you absolutely dumbfounded. There are so many elements that go in to creating that look, it’s truly incredible to see it all come to life like that.
Just like the three episodes where Chicago Fire, Law & Order: SVU and Chicago PD try to find her rapist. Tonight at 8p, NBC repeats last night’s Chicago Fire Episode. Then at 9p, Law & Order: SVU takes over the case and Chicago PD finishes it at 10p. Officers from both shows talk to the woman that was raped and severely burned. She gives them some leads who did this to her and now they are off to find him. Since their search is narrowed by where he’s been 10 years ago and today, one of the Chicago Med doctors becomes a suspect. Is he the only one?
Eventually that question will be answered, and someone from Chicago PD will be kidnapped and taken to NYC by the main suspect. Will they get to her in time? You don’t want to miss the conclusion of the three part crossover starting at 8p tonight on NBC to find out.


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