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Jill Flint and Brendan Fehr talk about The Night Shift season finale
August 31st, 2017 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 10p on, The Night Shift staff at San Antonio Memorial Hospital deal with something they have never dealt with before and they will all be different because of it. During the season finale a shooting at a nearby college sends TC (Eoin Macken), Jordan (Jill Flint), Drew (Brendan Fehr) and Amira (Rana Roy) into the field, where they assist Rick (Luke Macfarlane) with a deadly situation. Back at the hospital, Scott (Scott Wolf) implements a new training program and locks horns with Julian (guest star James McDaniel). Meanwhile, Drew (Brendan Fehr) struggles with frustrations about going to Army Ranger School while Shannon (Tanaya Beatty) and TC both contemplate their future at San Antonio Memorial.

They will all be contemplating about their futures, so much so that Jill Flint said this on a conference call earlier this week, “I believe at the end of this episode you see everyone in a new direction.” To which Fehr added, “I think at the end of this one everyone takes an additional step towards doing or becoming or shedding something that has been kind of bringing them down or weighing on their mind at some point.” When I asked him to elaborate, he said, “The risk/reward type of episode I feel that involves everyone in the cast as a whole and then everyone individually as well.” All of this growth for the characters is going to make fans wants a season five more than already have wanted it.

Over the last four seasons, they have tackled many different issues that doctors and doctors who have served and continue to serve in the military deal with. Flint’s character has not served, but her lover has and she has had many sleepless nights waiting by the phone to find out his fate. Recently, Jordan explained what that is like to TC in a powerful speech that the actress was “incredibly proud” to shoot. How do people react to scenes like that, she told me that, “A lot of men and women who respected that we gave them that voice. The people that stay home and wait for their family members to return. We gave them that voice and they were grateful for that.” She is also grateful for all the young girls that have contacted her and told that they want to go to medical school because of her character.

Fehr’s character is an openly gay former military doc who recently adopted a girl with his husband. Drew was not always out, and we have seen him grow since he revealed to his co-workers that he is gay. Fans have reached out to him and told him, “it helped them come out or come to terms with you know being gay or lesbian and how that affected them.”

The Night Shift is unlike any other medical drama on television. They found a way to perfectly blend together medical cases, their personal lives and life after serving in the military brilliantly into each episode. Because the writers and the cast have meshed it all together so perfectly, it has created a program that people want to watch. You never know what is going to happen, but you know you want to enjoy every episode that NBC gives us. I hope that they will continue to gives us more because four seasons is not enough for this show.


What’s new Tonight: Marlon and Growing Up Supermodel
August 16th, 2017 under Lifetime, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Marlon Wayans is getting his own comedy Marlon on NBC tonight at 9p and he is just a highlarious as his older brothers.

The show focuses on him being a recently divorced dad with two teenage kids, and he is more immature than them. Even though, Marlon and Ashley (Essence Atkins) do not live together anymore, he spends just as much time there as when they were married. Something Ashley wishes he would do less of.

If that is not enough people in her house, her best friend Yvette (Bresha Webb) is over all the time along with his BFF Stevie (Diallo Riddle). Yvette, who is sassy, and Marlon do not like each other in the least. Then there is Stevie, who has been out of work for 2 years and sleeps on Marlon’s couch.

What about the kids, Zack (Amir O’Neil) and Marley (Notlim Taylor)? Marlon will try his hardest to raise them right, but since he is a big kid that does not always work out the right way. But he is always there when they need him. Like when the school’s quarterback uses Marley to get a good grade.

They are today’s version of a modern family who find themselves in interesting situations like when Ashley wants to have sex and thinks it will be OK to do it with Marlon. That goes just as bad as you would think it would.

If you are looking to laugh with your kids, then this is the show for you…even if you do not have kids.

Then at 10p but Lifetime is a reality show with some of the biggest last names in Hollywood. Growing Up Supermodel is a show that follows celebrity kids who trying to make in modeling.

There is Ricky Schroder’s daughters Cambrie and Faith, who are dealing with their parents divorcing. Shanna Moakler and Oscar De La Hoya’s daughter Atiana, Kelly Le Brock and Steven Seagal’s daughter Arissa, Beverly Peele’s mini-me Cairo and finally Krista Allen’s son Jake. Their parents names get them through the doors, but they have to work to stay there.

You will see them struggle to make it on their own while getting advice from their parents who have been through it all before. It is a new look at what it is like to be a child of celebrity.


Midnight, Texas is an old school horror show
July 24th, 2017 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

I do not know about you, but I am so over today’s version of Horror shows. Enough zombies and lovable vampires. Midnight, Texas that debuts on NBC tonight is more like the Horror shows from the ’80s and ’90s. There was something about them that left you feeling scared.

Manfred (François Arnaud) has been having some problems where he lives, so his grandmother tells him to move to Midight, Texas where he will be safe. Sounds normal until I tell you his grandmother has passed on and Manfred can talk to the dead. That ability is not the weirdest one there. There are witches, werewolves, vampires and many more monsters of the week that we will be meeting in the coming weeks. Most residents are good but not all. That will leave Manfred being the one who will help solve some of the local murders which is a good thing because this way the town can keep their secrets from the neighboring police who do not know their secret.

Like tonight when the girlfriend of one of the resident’s washed up after his proposal he becomes the #1 suspect. But did he do it? The cops think so, and now Midnight, Texas will use their powers to protect him. But at what cost to everyone? The cost of one’s life is the answer and it is not the only one.

Tune in for a Horror show that leaves you wanting more and also freaking you out before you go to sleep. Which is much better than the nightmares the government has inflicted on all of us.


Ben Feldman shares a Superstore spoiler!
July 17th, 2017 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

We are just over 2 months away from the season premiere of Superstore on NBC, but the show is back in production now. Today, Ben Feldman shared a photo that let us know what we can expect from the season premiere.

When we last left the show, a tornado hit Cloud 9 and the store was destroyed. Looks like the show will pick up shortly after it left off and the workers will be walking around St Louis to assess the damage. But that is not the big part of the story, it appears that a plane went down and it will be in their path.

Or could that destroyed airplane be for something else that films on the Universal Lot where the sitcom films? We will find out on September 28th! I know I now cannot wait to find out.


The Gong Show is bananas, Love Connection finds one, The Night Shift is back
June 22nd, 2017 under ABC, Andy Cohen, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

After nearly 30 years of being off of the air, The Gong Show is back on ABC tonight at 10p and just as wacky, wild and bananas.

For those of you who do not know what The Gong Show is, think what if all the rejected acts on America’s Got Talent had a game show of their own. There you go. They are acts you have never seen before and you do not know why you want to see them. Yet you enjoy every one of them, even the women who is dressed as Little Bo Peep and puts a whole living tarantula in her mouth. Then there is a married couple who do weird things with bananas. Not that thing, but you will see what I mean. Or a man dressed as an ape riding around on a unicycle playing the bagpipes. It does not make sense, but it does not have to.

Each week there will be three different celebrity judges like Will Arnett (who is the Executive Producer), Ken Jeong, Zach Galifianakis, Will Forte, Tracee Ellis Ross, Anthony Anderson and many more. They will judge the performers with a score from 1-10 and the winner of the night goes home with $2,000.17 and a trophy! Now what if an act is that terrible, and there are some really bad ones, they get gonged and that is why it is called The Gong Show.

As much as I love the show, I gong the host. It is hosted by Tommy Maitland who is really Mike Myers in disguise. It makes no sense to me and he adds absolutely nothing to it. If you are going to have Mike Myers host the show, then have him f*cking host the show. Plus, the makeup department screwed up and made him look like Robin Williams. For someone like me, who still cannot watch Williams’ films after his death, it is hard for me to watch Myers as Maitland looking like Williams.

Other than that The Gong Show is a hit and not a hit to the gong, so tune in for the wackiest show on television!

Did you know that when Love Connection ran before, it made 27 successful matches that lead to marriage. The Fox version is airing its fourth episode tonight at 9p, and it already has a man who gets down on one knee to ask his date to marry him. Will she say yes? I am not going to tell you. You are going to have tune in for one group of love connections that go horribly bad and another that goes the complete opposite.

I did not think I would Love Connection as much as I do, but I look forward to it every week. It is innocent fun and Andy Cohen is a great host!

Also at 10p but over at NBC, The Night Shift is back for its fourth season. Sadly, not everyone is back because they are protesting Dr. Julian Cummings (James McDaniel) buying the hospital, shutting down the ER and firing Topher. Now they are half staffed and no one is listening to him. Jordan (Jill Flint) finds ways to piss him off and she might have come up with a way to not only save the ER but also everyone’s job. Will he listen?

TJ is still in Syria and he is constant danger. He will not be getting out of there anytime soon, so he will have to fight for his life.

If that is not enough, several of the doctors will go out on a call in San Antonio and we are not sure they will get out of alive.

Translation, it is another exciting episode of The Night Shift. The show that helped to bring back medical dramas is still just as good as it always is.


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