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Allison Williams is Peter Pan for NBC
July 30th, 2014 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

NBC has found their Peter Pan for the live version of the musical that will air in December and it is Allison Williams. Since I don’t watch Girls, the only thing I know about her is that she is Brian Williams’ daughter. But when I heard she was the one cast, it didn’t scream Peter Pan to me. So I asked my friend who watches the HBO show if she would be good, and he said no. Then I listened to some of her singing videos on YouTube and it confirmed what I thinking. Her voice is too high to play the male lead. Was it in her dad’s contract that she gets to star in something huge on the network so he can promote his little girl like crazy?
I’d rather deal with Carrie Underwood’s bad acting than what I am expecting this musical special to be. I have a feeling it will be all about Christopher Walken’s dancing and not about everything else.
What do you think of Allison Wiliams as Peter Pan?


Food Fighters is a yummy knock out!
July 22nd, 2014 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Food Fighters debuts on NBC tonight at 8p and you want to make a reservation to see this cooking competition show.
We have seen cooking competition shows where it’s home cooks vs home cooks or professional chefs vs professional chefs, but we’ve never seen one where it’s a home cook vs a professional chef. That is until tonight because that’s what Food Fighters is all about.
Each week a home cook will bring five of their best recipes with them and they take a renowned chef head on for up to $100,000. That well-known chef is known for cooking food a certain way, so how will they do when they are taken out of their comfort zone?
So how do the home cooks earn up to $100,000 each episode? They will go head to head with a pro. Each round they win, they earn money. If they lose a round, they do not win anything but they still go on to finish the episode and they are not sent home like they would be on other shows.
Besides heating things up on the stove, things get quite heated between the cooks. They trash talk each other like nobody’s business, but it is all done out of fun. And that is what makes this show so much fun.
Well that and Adam Richman who hosts it. Not only does he bring the heart, he also explains how they are preparing the meals in his own special enjoyable way. His love for food is infectious and it comes across on this show.
So tune in for a competition show that is not like anything you’ve seen on TV. Not only because of the premise but also because of how it is delivered to the audience. It’s served with a lot of love and lot joy, just like the perfect home cooked meal.


This is not Last Comic Standing’s last season
July 13th, 2014 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Last Comic Standing has the last laugh at NBC because even though it has had many hosts and been off the air for a few seasons, NBC announced today that it will be back next season. Which makes a lot sense to me because this has been the competition show’s best one yet. I don’t know if having Wanda Sykes producing has helped it or if it’s JB Smoove’s hosting or could it be having Roseanne Barr, Keenen Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters judging or maybe just maybe it is how funny all of the comedians are on it this year. I am thinking it is all of the above. So I am happy that the show will be back next year for more laughs because we need them.
NBC also said that America’s Got Talent and America’s Ninja Warrior will be joining LCS and The Night Shift next summer on their lineup. Hopefully Undateable will be back with these other shows because it also deserves to be there.
Now when it comes to this season of LCS, I hope that Joe Machi wins it all because he is freaking hilarious. I almost changed my password to his suggestion because it is so brilliant, but I can’t even type out that word.


Say hejsan to Welcome to Sweden tonight!
July 10th, 2014 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Amy Poehler isn’t the only funny one in her family, and tonight at 9p on NBC you will find out that her brother, Greg, is just as funny in Welcome to Sweden.
Greg plays Bruce, a successful accountant to the celebrities, who moves to Sweden to be with his girlfriend, Emma (Josephine Bornebusch). Only problems are; he doesn’t speak the language, doesn’t know anyone, doesn’t know anything about it and he doesn’t have a job. Now, he has to do all of that and learn how to drive on the other side of the road as soon as he can. While being under the scrutiny of her family and constantly being contacted by past clients like Gene Simmons and Will Ferrell.
Each week, you will see this American man become a Swedish one before our eyes and it won’t be easy. But it will be funny. So tune in for a comedy that besides making us laugh, it also gives us a beautiful tour of Sweden. Unlike shows that claim to film in a certain location this one is really shot in Sweden. So that means it is as beautiful to see as it is joy to watch.


84 year old Ray Jessel steals the show on AGT with his naughty song!
July 2nd, 2014 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

America’s Got Talent should just end their season right now because last night we got to meet the person who is going to win it all. Ray Jessel, is 84 years young and he had everyone laughing as soon as he came on to the stage. But he wasn’t there to be a comedian, he was there to sing his song. A song, with a special surprise that earned him a standing ovation and the admiration of all of the judges. What was so special about it? You just have to watch the video because, I promise you, it is so freaking worth it.
If he doesn’t win this season, there is something seriously wrong with America. Am I right?


NBC hires The Night Shift for a second shift!
July 1st, 2014 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

NBC announced today that The Night Shift will be back for a second season according to The Hollywood Reporter. The medical drama has been doing well for the network and I think they made a wise decision by bringing it back for another season. Now, if only they would also pick up Undateable, all would be right for NBC’s summer.
I sincerely love that summer TV is now full of original programming and some of it, like TNS, is better than some of the stuff we see in the fall.
If you’ve never seen the show, make sure to check it tonight at 10p. Tonight’s episode is very powerful one as several soldiers come into the hospital with injuries. One doctor will fight to save a soldier’s leg and another doctor will fight to keep their secret a secret. Something that will prove very hard to do.


Very emotional shows for Rizzoli & Isles, Chasing Life and The Night Shift tonight
June 24th, 2014 under ABC Family, NBC, TNT/TBS/TCM. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 9p on TNT, Rizzoli and Isles say goodbye to one of their own. On August 19, 2013, we were all shocked when news came out that Lee Thompson Young had passed away and tonight the show he was starring in at the time says goodbye to him and his character, Barry Frost. The show does a beautiful tribute to him as they remember him throughout the episode and at his character’s funeral.
Anyone who is and has been a fan of this of police drama will want to tune in because it is a must not miss episode for us.

Also at 9p, but on ABC Family is Chasing Life. April Carver (Italia Ricci) is assigned a story that will change her life. A man claims that his carrot juice is helping people with cancer, so she talks to him about and tries a sample. When she comes back to see him, he realizes that she has cancer like him and she finally has someone to talk about her leukemia. So now she has someone can relate to, but something happens that changes everything and her perspective about it all. How will it change her, we will just have to tune in next week to find out.
Tonight’s episode is the first one that really deals with the emotions that come to a cancer patient after their diagnosis and because of that is a very powerful one.

Finally at 10p a storm is coming to NBC’s The Night Shift and our doctors will be caught up in it. There is a dangerous storm on the outside and that one isn’t even as bad as the one that is happening in the hospital. Scott Wolf joins the team tonight as the lead trauma surgeon. Scott Collins (Wolf) is dating Jordan (Jill Flint) and he is going to cause problems for her ex, TJ (Eoin Macken). Those two don’t see eye to eye and their conflict is going to get a whole lot worse before the ground is even dry again.
Meanwhile Topher (Ken Leung) gets a call from his wife that she is labor. But it gets worse because she was in a car accident and trapped in the storm. And gets even worse because she doesn’t know where she is. Will he find her before it is too late? You will just have to watch this emotional episode to find out.


Howard Stern and Howie Mandel Salsa dance together!
June 4th, 2014 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday on America’s Got Talent after two men Salsa danced, Howard Stern suggested to Howie Mandel that they take a quick lesson from them. So after a little coaxing from the DJ, the comedian took him up on his offer. So up on the stage they went, and together they Salsaed their way in to each others and our hearts.
If I were the NBC competition show, I would seriously have The Hows learn a full Salsa dance and perform it during the season finale. I know that would get me to watch, would you tune in to see it?


The Night Shift reports to duty!
May 27th, 2014 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

The Night Shift debuts on NBC tonight at 10p and you don’t want to miss this enjoyable medical drama.
San Antonio Memorial is like most hospitals, the sick and injured come to them and they try to make them better. But the employees who work the night shift are not like any where else. TC (Eoin Macken) is recently back from Afghanistan and he doesn’t take well to authority. The new senior manager and boss Michael Ragosa (Freddy Rodriguez) and him are going to butt heads and fists a lot throughout the season. Ragosa wanted to be a doctor but something held him back from doing it. So the doctors do not respect him because they think he only cares about dollar and cents, but in reality he cares about medicine too.
Dr. Jordan Alexander (Jill Flint) and TC used to date and she is the only one who can control him and even she has a problem doing that. Especially, when her new boyfriend (Scott Wolf) comes to work there in an authoritative position.
Topher (Ken Leung) is best friends with TC and the two men served together. They both are no holds barred type of doctors who will go to great lengths to save their patients. Sometimes too far, but who doesn’t want their doctor to do that. Drew (Brendan Fehr) is another doctor, and he too served but he has a secret. He is gay and as much as he tries to hide it, it still comes out little by little. How will people react to it? Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) and Krista (Jeananne Goossen) are fresh out of school and they are adjusting to life in the ER at night. They will go through a lot of hazing, but somehow they will survive the madness.
The Night Shift is nothing new, but sometimes the same old is a good thing. The Night Shift is a very good thing. It will make our Tuesday nights this summer a lot more interesting, so make sure to check it out.


Last Comic Standing is back funnier than ever!
May 22nd, 2014 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Last Comic Standing is back on NBC tonight at 9p after a 4 year break and it is bigger than ever. The Millers’ JB Smoove is taking over the hosting reigns from the likes of Craig Robinson, Bill Bellamy and Jay Mohr. Judging this year are the very respected comedians Roseanne, Keenen Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters. So if you are going to have that caliber of names attached to the show, then the comedians are going to have to be even funnier than they were in past seasons.
Here are some things we can expect from the funniest reality show on television, and some advice from the established comedians who work on the show from a recent NBC Summer Press Day:

The Retooling of the show:
KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: No. Because, as Page said, what’s great about the way that these guys have retooled the show is that you are going to be watching the best of the best of the young comics that are out there. There’s nobody coming on there who doesn’t know what they’re doing. It doesn’t feel amateurish at all. It’s very and I say it’s kind of like “The Voice” where they just went out and got great singers. These guys went out and got great comedians and they’re all going for it. And for us, it’s a delight to be able to sit back and watch these young guys come out and really do their thing, and we might have some advice for them, but there’s never a point where we go, “Oh, man. I need to go up there and do this five minutes.”
RUSSELL PETERS: I know, I think also the last few seasons of the “Last Comic Standing” were more of a popularity contest than they were a talent contest. And the this time it’s more about the talent than it is about how popular. We don’t care how many people in America you made phone in. It’s not about that. It’s about are you funny, can you consistently be funny, and will you be able to hold your own show in the future.

How they got the big names on board:
RUSSELL PETERS: When you know that two standups (Wanda Sykes and Page Hurwitz) are producing a show about standup, you know it’s going to be presented the right way. It’s not a bunch of suits going, “We should bring this back and we should probably call these people because they seem like the right people.” We weren’t called because, you know, it was a corporate decision. We were called because the right people asked us.

Roseanne on the contestants:
ROSEANNE: It’s also about admiring the level of their craft. It’s taking comedy seriously, if that’s a weird thing to say. To admire the level of these people’s craft it’s like you know, it’s exciting and thrilling, too, to see how they’re going to come out and work it.

The comedians on Social Media:
KEENEN IVORY WAYANS: I think for anyone trying to build a career, social media is important. For comedy itself, absolutely not. It’s actually like the guys who are funny on social media, on Twitter and Instagram and that kind of thing, I want to see you on a stage with a mic. Then I’m going to buy it. I don’t know where the jokes come from when you’re online. I don’t know. It’s not real to me until I see you and a microphone.
ROSEANNE: I enjoy it because I like to provoke people and get them really pissed off, and then it’s like a whole thing of hecklers, which is a part of why I became a standup comic because I like being fast with the retort and the big slam. I mean, I was kind of that’s how I started my comedy. So it was like, “Oh boy. There’s like millions of hecklers,” and it’s like boom when I’m into it. But also the other thing about Twitter that’s not good, people are telling me, is if you are too serious about using your voice on there, and you know, for political and social, you know, things that you care about, it kind of interferes with your funny. So I have I try to do both, and I’d like to get two [accounts], one serious and one funny. But occasionally I really like to slam people, especially you know, there’s a lot of idiots.

How many of the standup comedians are actually funny:
WANDA SYKES: Look at the population. Look at number of men who are doing standup comedy and look at the number of women who are doing standup comedy, and I believe the percentage of who is funny out of those groups, it’s the same, you know, if you look at the percentage. There’s probably 5 percent of men who are funny and 5 percent of women who are doing it who are funny


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