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Chicago Fire stuns, The Muppets fails and Fresh Off the Boat’s New Year
February 2nd, 2016 under ABC, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight’s Chicago Fire on NBC at 10p is such a thriller, there is a moment that will leave you breathless.
There is a credible threat against the city of Chicago, but there are many different targets throughout the Windy City. Law enforcement asks all the first responders to help out with the threat. Unfortunately for our Chicago Fire team they are sent to ground zero. A man starts shooting inside and outside the building where some of our firefighters and the paramedics are located. The shooter is going room to room and shooting anyone he finds.
Will our team get out alive or will the murderer be taken out before he gets the chance. You don’t want to miss a single second of this suspenseful well-done episode.

The Muppets are back tonight at 8p on ABC. Not only are the reworking the show from behind the scenes, they are also reworking them from in front of the camera. There is a new executive at the network and she wants to make some changes to Miss Piggy’s talk show. She wants to make it more like Jimmy Fallon and James Corden’s shows, so Kermit decides to get the other Muppets to be a part of it with different type of bits. It has potential but falls flat.
Not as flat as next week’s show when Miss Piggy has a wardrobe malfunction. Her pig tail gets exposed and people are in a uproar over it.
Kristin Newman took over the ranks of the show; and I know from her past work on That ’70s Show, The Neighbors and Galvant, she is better than this. So I am just going to assume that is more of Bill Prady’s doing than her’s since the show hasn’t changed as Bob Kushell left.
Sadly the adult Muppets are missing the joy that we got from the original series. Until they bring it back this show won’t be.

Then at 8:30p on Fresh Off the Boat, it is time for a show with lot of heart.
It’s the Chinese New Year and the Huangs are all excited to go back home to spend it with their family and friends. Only problem is that Louis (Randall Park) screwed up the dates and they missed their flight. Now they have to find a place to celebrate it in Orlando which is harder than they thought.
Will they find a place to spend the New Year or will they spend it alone? I don’t care as long as we get to spend it with them.


All of Dick Wolf’s shows will be around next year!
February 1st, 2016 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Back in the fall, NBC renewed Chicago Fire and Chicago PD for another season and today they added Chicago Med and Law & Order: SVU to their 2016-2017 schedule. Not only that, Dick Wolf will be staying with them until at 2020.
Just think a few years ago, all hope seemed lost for his shows with Law & Order: The Mother Ship ending. Then, SVU has a resurgence and Chicago Fire blew us all away, and now it looks he might have 5 shows on their lineup next season if they pick up Chicago Law!
Gotta love television, just when you think something is dead, it makes like the Phoenix and comes back to life like Stefano DiMera.


You, Me & The Apocalypse is an unusual, fun look at the world’s end
January 28th, 2016 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

What if you had just 34 days to live, what would you do? That is what You, Me & The Apocalypse starts asking tonight on NBC at 8p with some quirky but lovable characters.
Jamie Winton (Mathew Baynton), has been having a string of bad luck, and getting news that the world is ending in a month makes things even worse for him. Especially, when his mother (Pauline Quirke) tells him that he was adopted. Even though there is comet crashing towards Earth, Jamie recruits his best friend Dave Bosley (Joel Fry), to help find his real mom. What she reveals to him will show him that he plays a big part in the end of the world.
Then there is Rhonda MacNeil (Jenna Fischer) who just began a prison sentence for a crime her son committed. When the news that apocalypse is coming, all the inmates at the New Mexico prison are released. She along with White Supremacist Leanne (Megan Mullally) use their newfound freedom to find her son because there are people who want to kill him.
Finally there is Father Jude (Rob Lowe) who works as the Devil’s Advocate for the Vatican. He along with the newly hired Sister Celine (Gaia Scodellaro) are going to spend their last few days trying to find the Savior and the Antichrist.
A lot is going to happen in 34 days for these people to make their paths cross and you don’t want to miss a single second of it.
So what happens on the 34th day? Here is a little hint from the show’s creator Iain Hollands. When he was asked on a conference call last week if there could be a second season, he said, “I’m trying to think how to answer that without giving anything away. But there’s definitely a possibility for it to return. And there’s a plan for that to happen. But it’s difficult for me to answer your question without a massive spoiler alert. So just to say that the end of the final episode isn’t necessarily the end.” Things that make you want to watch the show even more.


NBC’s spring is Crowded with a lot of good shows!
January 22nd, 2016 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

NBC announced their spring lineup and you better get your DVR ready for all the new shows you are going to be recording!
First there is Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots and the comedy/variety show that highlights the amazing things kids can do debuts on Sunday, March 13th at 8p. Then at 9p on that night, The Carmichael Show, the critical acclaimed comedy that makes you spit laugh, is back for a must not miss second season. The following Sunday at 9:30p, Crowded moves in to the lineup and you will immediately fall in love with this sitcom about millennials moving back home with their parents. On Wednesday, March 22, Heartbeat, the medical drama with heart, takes over the 8p timeslot. Finally on April 7th, Game of Silence, a mysterious drama about revenge, closes out Thursday nights.
I have seen all but Little Big Shots, and NBC has a really strong Spring lineup with several shows you don’t want to miss.
To read descriptions of the show, then click here!


Jennifer Lopez didn’t work out as much during Shades of Blue
January 14th, 2016 under J-Lo, NBC. [ Comments: 1 ]

Jennifer Lopez plays Harlee Santos a NYC Detective, who is unwillingly recruited by the FBI as an informant to bust her boss and friend, on Shades of Blue. Tonight at 10p on NBC, Lt. Matt Wozniak (Ray Liotta) suspects that there is a rat in his crew and he wants to kill it. Does he suspect Harlee? How long can she keep her secret from him?
Lopez has done several movies and she has been judging American Idol for a few seasons now, so was it hard for her to commit to the police procedural? Yesterday at NBC’s TCA Press Days she answered that question. She said, “To be honest, for me, right now in television it’s like the best movies are on television. The characters are better. The stories like you say, it has more of an opportunity to kind of really explore something.” Then she added, “It was just a really exciting opportunity to do something that I hadn’t done in a while in a different way than I had done in a long time. For me, the script itself, the story itself, the idea of it from the very first time I spoke about it with my producing partner Elaine Goldsmith Thomas, I knew that there was something that could go on. It just had enough of a base to kind of really grow and grow and grow into something that never hopefully, never gets boring.”
Something that never gets boring for is working out, yet she opted not to do it as much while filming the drama. She explained why, “I felt like this character was a little different than maybe who I am in my real life where I’m always kind of having to stay fit and worried about my appearance, and Harlee is not like that.” Although, she admitted, “I did do the boxing.”
That wasn’t the only thing she didn’t so as much of for this role. She revealed, “I wear more makeup to bed.” Her reason for these changes, “I think it had to be a little bit more real than that, like more real life. People get to the gym, but not like people like me have to.”
So tune in to see J-Lo wear less makeup and be less buff. That and a compelling crime drama that will have you on the edge of your seat every week.


I Can Hear the Bells because NBC is doing Hairspray live!
January 13th, 2016 under Hairspray, NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, the people who brought the Broadway version of Hairspray to the big screen are now going to bring it to the small screen. NBC’s Entertainment President Bob Greenblatt announced today at the NBC TCA Press Day that it looks like Hairspray will be the live musical this December. They haven’t closed the deal yet, but it is very very close.
As soon as it becomes official, I am wishing and hoping that they announce that David Hasselhoff is cast as Edna Turnblad. A role originated by Divine and later played by John Travolta. How amazing would that be? When it comes to Edna’s husband, I am wishing and hoping they don’t have Christopher Walken reprise role after his performance in Peter Pan. Scratch that, let’s hope they bring him back for his second live NBC musical along with Queen Latifah, who just appeared in The Wiz. Why is December 11 months away?


All three Chicago shows come together for a 2 night event!
January 5th, 2016 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight on NBC starting at 9p, Chicago Med and Chicago Fire, and concluding tomorrow at 10p with Chicago PD, all three dramas come together to solve a crime so heinous you have to see it to believe it.
The episode begins where Chicago Fire left off, and Herrmann (David Eigenberg) lying on the ground after being stabbed. Now, everyone is bonding together to save his life and find the person who stabbed him. While Cruz (Joe Minoso) tries to find his old buddy, Herrmann suffers complications from his injuries. Will he survive? And what will Cruz do when he comes face to face with the stabber?
If that is not enough for them to handle, the Chicago Fire guys are called out to a fire that is started by a woman who was trying to commit suicide. When they get her to Chicago Med, they find out she has been undergoing Chemo for cancer, only thing is she never had cancer and someone has been overdoing the Chemo. She isn’t the only patient that comes with that diagnosis and now Chicago PD is on the case to find out who is poisoning these women. What they find out will bring back a lot of bad memories for Hank (Jason Beghe) and make him more determined to find out who killed these women. Will they find their man before he kills again?
Tune for a three hour event that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time.


Bear Grylls thought he was being ‘spoofed’ when the White House called
December 17th, 2015 under NBC, Politics. [ Comments: 1 ]

Tonight at 10p, Bear Grylls has the biggest person he has ever taken with him on Running Wild, and he has taken some really big names with him. That man is President Barack Obama and I was on a conference call with him last week and he talked about his wild adventure in Alaska with the President of the Unites States.

How it came about?
BG – Well, they reached out to us, you know? We’ve gotten approached by the White House to – saying would we, you know, consider taking the president on an adventure to Alaska. I almost didn’t really believe it. When we started, it was like I thought this was spoof. But, you know, we got into it and, you know, we all came together. There are obviously quite a few, you know, hurdles along the way of trying to, you know, keep everyone happy including, you know, the whole Secret Service, presidential team and all of that. We did it and it’s an episode I’m, you know, hugely proud of and definitely this is, you know, the high point of our “Running Wild” journeys.

What was like taking the President into the wild?
– Well, he was the president or whatever, you know, all of our titles and our belongings and everything. And as I said, it’s what I love about the wild, you know? It doesn’t care who, you know, when you’re in bear country, you know, a lot of grizzly and brown bears and black bears around, you know, they don’t care that you’re the commander in chief and – or whatever.

What was his impression of President Obama?
– Well, my overriding impression was just he’s really humble, family-centered, lovely guy, you know? I mean, of course, the times along the route I have to kind of pinch myself and think actually, you know, this is the president of America, you know? And I think there’s a connection when you’re out in the wild with someone. I always say it’s the ultimate learning, you know, and he’s a dad and I’m a dad and, you know, he cares about preserving.

Did the President have an ego?
– You got to be respectful and you got to make the decisions. You got to leave your ego behind. And he totally embraced that, you know, as a man who really, you know, he does a pretty selfless job and I just came in waiting. He’s an incredible man and one incredible human being. And just, you know, there’s a connection there as a father and as somebody really cares about the planet and I thought, you know what, I love it. I love him and love the mission.

They talked about what?
– You’re out there and, you know, you kind of light fire together and climb up trees and, you know, half eaten salmons and, you know, talking about flatulence and the berries and all of that gets out, you know? That is as you come at the great moments with, you know, the connections always come. So huge privilege but definitely a fair side of the president you never see before.

What did the people at the White House want their Commander-In-Chief to do out in the wild?
– It’s a big petition on the White House saying “You got to get the president to drink his own pee.” And I can say (unintelligible) I’m not going to ask you to do that. And it was fun because we had a good conversation about “You tell me what is it with you and pee,” you know, “Why you’re known for this?” And he wanted to understand the science again behind it. So its funny sort of our conversation about when pee is good and when pee is bad and how these berries can help people’s flatulence and all this. I would think toilet/lavatory humor is always a great leveler.

How many people came along with the President and him to Alaska from the White House?
– I thought initially they would have five or six Secret Service guys with us that, you know, end up like 50. You know, it’s a whole team with the press corps and, you know, even got a guy who’s there to make sure if there’s any food or drink he’s drinking is approved, you know? So it’s, you know, it’s a big, old group to move around where they got helicopter stuff in the air.

What moment stood out for Bear Grylls from their time together?
– But I think at the end of it that really stood out for me was the little thing we did right at the end where we prayed together and it’s funny because it’s like sort of such an intimate thing to do but we talked about faith on the journey and how he’d said that one of his heroes is President Lincoln have said this quote that if you’re not a religious man when you take off, you know, you will be by the end. It brings you into your knees.
And I think one of the reasons he said to me this seems to be one of the best days of his presidency all of eight years and he said “You didn’t want anything from me. We’re just, you know, sharing a little bit of our world.” And, you know, so nice to be able to lay hands on him and just say a little prayer to, you know, pray for protection of all the work he’s doing and it was just for ten seconds, you know, and he gave me a big hug at the end of it and I thought (you know, this is a real) special moment actually and a moment I’ll never forget.

What does he think of tonight’s episode?
– We’ve delivered the program that I feel is the ultimate “Running Wild” I’ll ever do. I watched it, as I said, the other night and it’s just, you know, I’m so proud of it, you know, the complete show and it’s got heart and fun and, you know, all of that – and adventure and all of that good stuff. And I won’t beat that.


NBC prescribes Chicago Med five more episodes
December 11th, 2015 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

This news should come as no shocker, NBC announced today that they picked up Chicago Med for five more episodes. The third show is the Chicago franchise is the best medical drama since ER, so I am thrilled it is sticking around all season. At this rate, it will be back next year too, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.
If you did not see this week’s episode, you need to stream it online or watch it OnDemand. They did a great job handling the question what if everyone carried a gun with them. It is a question many gun enthusiasts have asked, and this show brilliantly answered it.


How did Oliver Platt prepare for Chicago Med?
December 8th, 2015 under NBC. [ Comments: none ]

Chicago Med has proven to be a huge hit and tonight on NBC at 9p it is back with another stimulating episode.
Oliver Platt plays Dr. Daniel Charles, the Chief of Psychiatry at Chicago Med, a role he researched before he starting filming the show. When I asked him how he prepared for the medical part of his role at the NBC TCA Summer Press Day, he told me, “I’ve been hanging out with the wonderful people at Columbia (University in New York).” Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, Lawrence C. Kolb Professor and Chairman, Department of Psychiatry, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons; Director, New York State Psychiatric Institute; and Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Columbia University Medical Center of the New York Presbyterian Hospital, introduced to him several of his staff members. Due to the confidentiality issues, he explained what exactly they could teach him about their profession. He said, “What I’ve been doing is really talking to the doctors about how they do their job. Because of the nature of their work, you can’t go in there and watch them work, but they’ve been really very, very generous and forthcoming.”
Then he revealed why he made the effort, “It was really important to find out what a head psychiatrist is going to actually have, how much to do on a day-to-day hospital and the truth is, is that Jeff Lieberman sees patients.” Then he added, “And he works at a much bigger hospital than Chicago Med would be. So I’m not worried about it at all. I think there’s also going to be a little bit of sort of unofficial HR counseling going on too, I’ve been told, which is always interesting.”
Talking about HR, Dick Wolf, who created the show, called him and asked him if he was interested in the part. As soon as he described the character and the show, Platt didn’t need a lot of convincing to say yes. The only problem for the New Yorker is that the show is shot in Chicago. How did he feel about the move? He said, “I’ve always wanted to spend more time (there). Chicago’s an incredible city,” adding, “Chicago is the great American city.”
While the city is something new for him, playing a psychologist is not. In fact, he admitted that he has played that type of doctor a few times recently, but each was completely different. When I asked him if takes that as a sign, he jokingly responded with, “Yes. Somebody’s trying to tell me something.”
What is he trying to tell viewers? He said, “I’d like them to tune in and watch it.” So do just that tonight and every Tuesday at 9p on NBC.


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