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Suits changes suits, Salvation crashes on to CBS tonight!
July 12th, 2017 under CBS, USA Network. [ Comments: none ]

Suits is back on USA tonight at 9p for its 7th season and the characters are all going through major transformations.

Now that Jessica is gone, Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is running the show as managing partner. It is a lot of new responsibility and the stress is getting to him. Especially since everyone wants a piece of him, people at the office and the clients all want his undivided attention, but there is only one of him. He might be reaching his breaking point.

Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is back at the firm, and he kicks Harvey out of his office. He also wants to do pro bono work, but his boss has other plans for him. That will cause some friction between the two men.

Donna (Sarah Rafferty) has had enough, she asks Harvey for something he is not ready to give her. Something she wants and she will not leave him alone until she gets. But does she deserve it?

Louis (Rick Hoffman) is dealing with his breakup and to say he is not taking it well would be an understatement. He takes it out on the associates and Rachel (Meghan Markle) steps in to protect them. Louis does not like it and that gets him even more angry. It does not seem like anyone can control him even Gretchen (Aloma Wright). Wright has been given a lot more to do this season and I am thrilled with that.

Actually after watching the first two episodes, I am very thrilled with the direction the show is going in. Once again they are reinventing themselves and because of that you just cannot get bored with the legal drama.

There are a lot of changes, but it is all about their characters redefining who they are. Sometimes that is the best change a show like this one can ask for.

Also at 9p, Salvation crash lands on CBS. What if you were a graduate student at MIT and your software detected that we are 168 days away from getting hit by a world-ending asteroid? That is the premise of this disaster series.

As soon as Liam (Charlie Rowe) discovers the asteroid, he runs to tell his professor. His professor makes a call and the next day he goes missing. Liam knows something is wrong so he runs to tech billionaire Darius Tanz (Santiago Cabrera) to help him out. Tanz and him go to the Pentagon to see if they know about it. Turns out they have known about it for around three months and claim that they have a plan. Tanz does not believe them, and he is expediting his plan to send 160 people on an arc to Mars. He cannot do it alone and he needs someone at the Pentagon to secretly help him out. He reaches out to their spokeswoman (Jennifer Finnigan), who is dating Deputy Secretary of Defense Harris Anders (Ian Anthony Dale). She has a daughter, who is graduating high school and she wants her daughter and everyone else on the planet to have a future beyond the 168 days.

As Liam, Tanz and Grace work on their plan, they realize that there is one even more diabolical going on within the government than the threat of the asteroid.

Will they be able to save the earth and themselves? We will just have to tune in each week to find out.

I am disaster movie addict, so when I heard about this series I was in. Not only did it meet my expectations, it exceeded them.


What did Michael Jackson do to deserve this?
July 11th, 2017 under CBS, Michael Jackson. [ Comments: none ]

Just when you thought that Halloween was not scary enough on its own, CBS has found a way to make it even more frightening. The Eye network is creating a one-hour animated special for Halloween featuring Michael Jackson’s music.

According to CBS’s press release, Michael Jackson’s Halloween “follows millennials Vincent (Lucas Till) and Victoria (Kiersey Clemons), who meet ‘accidentally’ on Halloween night and find themselves, along with Ichabod the dog, at a mysterious hotel located at 777 Jackson Street called This Place Hotel. Once inside, Vincent and Victoria are sent on an unexpected, magical adventure of personal discovery, culminating in a spectacular dance finale featuring an animated Michael Jackson.”

I thought I felt the earth shake today and it was probably because the King of Pop was rolling over in his gold coffin. Why? Who asked for this? Is his estate that hard up for money?

Having said all of this, I know I will find myself watching it in the Fall. Will you be checking it out or will you be telling CBS to beat it?


Did Donnie Wahlberg share a Blue Bloods spoiler?
July 7th, 2017 under CBS, NKOTB. [ Comments: none ]

During the season finale of Blue Bloods, the cartel got revenge on Danny by blowing up his house and that was how the episode ended. Leaving us to wonder what will happen next?

Today, Donnie Wahlberg, who is back filming the hit cop procedural, gave us a hint when he shared a photo of himself holding up a script from the season premiere in the makeup chair. Since the picture was taken close enough to the script, you can actually read the words on the paper. In the scene, the cop who bleeds more blue than red is talking a therapist and Danny is telling him that he does not love being a police office anymore. Not only that, Reagan is ready to retire from the force.

This is a total game changer for the show. While everyone in the Reagan family puts being a cop before everything else, no one does it more than Danny does. Without him on the force, what will his role be? Who will he be? I am sure it is plot point that will not last too long on the series, but in a way I hope it does. The show has been in need of a major change. Normally, I am of the if it is not broke, do not fix it mind set. But except for the changing up of partners, all the characters have remained in the same positions. Even Jamie is still a beat cop.

I want something drastic to happen and I am hoping this is it. What do you think of this spoiler?


Jennifer Esposito is one and done at NCIS
June 10th, 2017 under CBS. [ Comments: none ]

When Michael Weatherly left NCIS for Bull, they replaced him with three actors. Yesterday, it was revealed that one of those three would not be back for another season. Deadline is reporting that Jennifer Esposito, who played Agent Alexandra Quinn, is not returning because the show is going in a “new creative direction next season.” What that is, we will find out in September.

The actress took to Twitter with this message about her departure and said, “No i am not ill 😁but I so appreciate your concern. Was not meant to be there long but happy I was. Met some great new friends! Love 2u all.” She suffers from Celiac Disease, so it is good to hear she is not having a bad flare up.

When it comes to her leaving, I don’t know why but I just do not like the characters she plays. Mostly because she plays them all the same way every time. Are you going to miss her?


Kevin Can Wait is basically King of Queens 2 now
June 3rd, 2017 under CBS. [ Comments: none ]

Yesterday, CBS announced that Leah Remini was joining King of Queens, I mean Kevin Can Wait, as a series regular and it was like cool. It meant that we would get to see Kevin James and her together again on a weekly basis.

But then today TVLine reported that they fired Erinn Hayes, the actress who plays his wife, because they are going in a “new direction.” How do you just fire the new wife for the old one? I get it, the show was the #1 new comedy, but it was no home run out of the park; but it doesn’t mean you make that much of a change. Especially, since that is what the show was built around, a family.

On that note, no word if the rest of his family would still be part of the new show or not.

When it comes to Hayes, she Tweeted, “True, I’ve been let go from the show. Very sad, I had a great experience season 1. Thank you for all the support from our wonderful fans.”

What do you think of the changes? I don’t watch, so I don’t care. I just find it interesting.


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