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Jolt Cola is back!!!
September 15th, 2017 under Fast Food. [ Comments: none ]

Did you hear? Did you hear? On September 21st, Jolt Cola is making a come back and it will be available at Dollar General for just a dollar. That’s right the cola with twice the amount of caffeine will be sold for a buck! A whole buck. That is cheap for a quick fix of caffeine.

Can you tell how excited I am that Jolt is back! It is back, it is really really back! It is the best soda out there. It really is and I cannot wait to buy out the supply next week! I need my Jolt and I need it now!!!


Chuck E Cheese pulls the plug on their animatronic band
August 23rd, 2017 under Fast Food. [ Comments: none ]

One of your favorite pastimes at Chuck E Cheese is not only playing in the pee covered ball pit, but also listening to the animatronic band. It definitely is not the pizza because it is the worst. But there is news that is worse their pizza and that is the cheesy band is going away due to the fact that they remodeling the chain. When asked why, chief executive officer Tom Leverton told CBS News, “The kids stopped looking at the animatronics years and years ago.” What do kids know? They keep asking for their birthday parties to be held there when there are so many better options like almost anything else.

Someone needs to save Chuck E Cheese’s band before it is too late. Their music is keeping the restaurant alive. Who’s with me?

Can I share a secret with you? I have never been to a Chuck E Cheese. Is it really that awful?


Rob Lowe wants you to lick your fingers!
April 22nd, 2017 under Fast Food, Rob Lowe. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Rob Lowe is finger licking good, and now so does Kentucky Fried Chicken. That is because KFC has made him their new Colonel Sanders! I never imagined him in the role, but you know what he is perfect for it. So much better than Norm MacDonald, but then again who isn’t.


McDonald’s introduces the Micro Mac
April 1st, 2017 under Fast Food. [ Comments: none ]

Earlier this year, McDonald’s introduced the Mac Jr and Grand Mac, and they were huge successes. The fast food restaurant decided to keep the trend going and today they introduced the Micro Mac. It might be bite size but it has huge flavor. Proving that big things come in little packages.

When it comes to the cost, it is about the same price as the other Macs. When it comes to the calories and fat, you don’t want to know because sometimes you just need that taste of a Big Mac in your mouth. Who cares how fattening it is?

It is almost guilt free because how can anything that is micro cause any guilt. I can’t wait until McDonald’s introduces the Mega Mac. It will put all other hamburgers to shame and Syfy will do a movie about it.


Would you use Whopper flavored toothpaste?
March 30th, 2017 under Fast Food. [ Comments: none ]

Burger King has come up with a Whopper flavored toothpaste and I would totally suck down that tube until there was nothing left.

If I thought it was a real thing, but since we are 2 days away from April Fools Day I think they are pranking us. Something I don’t find funny because I need Whopper flavored toothpaste and I need it now. Since my birthday is April 1st, I think they owe it to me to make it happen.

Because if it is a joke, I will boycott BK forever. They went a step too far this time around and I put up their nightmare inducing mascot.


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