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To Tell The Truth, I am excited ABC is bringing back the show!
July 1st, 2015 under ABC, Anthony Anderson, Game Shows. [ Comments: 1 ]

Hot off of the huge success of Celebrity Family Feud, ABC announced today that they are working on a new game show. Actually, it is old one because they are bringing back To Tell The Truth but modernizing it.
The show has three contestants all of whom claim to be same person, but only one of them truly is that person. Four celebrity panelists, including Betty White and NeNe Leakes, will ask them questions and then have to guess who is the real person.
To Tell The Truth will be hosted by Anthony Anderson and his hilarious mother, Doris, is going to be the scorekeeper. ABC says, she will be making fun of her son whenever she can.
The 6 TTTT episodes do not have a launch date, but ABC says it is coming soon. Personally, I am hoping ABC gets rid of their current Sunday dramas and instead does a night of game shows. The huge success of CFF proves it is worthy of being a fall show and I think TTTT has the potential to be a good fit with it.


BTWF roles: Kobe Bryant on Hang Time
June 22nd, 2015 under Anthony Anderson, Before They Were Famous, Jimmy Kimmel. [ Comments: none ]

Before Kobe Bryant was one the top players in the NBA getting tons of endorsement deals, he was just a Rookie in the NBA guest starring on TNBC’s Hang Time. You could totally tell the 19 year old was going to be a star from that 1997 episode.
BTW here is Anthony Anderson telling Jimmy Kimmel how he asked Kobe to guest star on the show, and who he had to ask to get the legendary basketball player to do it.


It’s Anthony Anderson vs Yvette Nicole Brown on Hollywood Game Night!
March 6th, 2014 under Anthony Anderson, Hazy Mills. [ Comments: none ]

Hollywood Game Night has two former champions battling it out tonight at 9p on NBC, and Anthony Anderson and Yvette Nicole Brown really brought it.
Before the episode taped, we talked to both teams about what to expect; and they all agreed it was about Anthony vs Yvette. When Anderson was asked about it, he said “Look at her competition, wouldn’t you be fired up? I am not even taking out my Invisalign to play Yvette. I’m keeping my Invisalign in.” Her plans to win were a little bit different. She revealed, “I have a strategy we won’t share, but everything that looks like liquor, is not liquor on this team.” The she added, “Anthony Anderson is sauced already.”
He wasn’t the only one getting into the good stuff on his team. For Tiffani Thiessen taping HGN was also about having a night out with her husband. Something the parents of a toddler don’t get to do as much as they would like. And thankfully for her husband and Yvette, there was plenty for her to drink because that is something the contestants are able to do on this show unlike other game shows. So how drunk will they get? You just have to watch as Brown, Pete Wentz and Adam Scott battle Anderson, Thiessen and Gary Dell’Abate to be the ultimate winner on Hollywood Game Night.
Well that and for one of the best episodes yet of Hollywood Game Night that is so much fun you just want to play along with them. Most likely will be as you trying to guess the answers with them. And since they get to drink when they play the game, why don’t you do the same because tomorrow is Friday so it’s basically the weekend. Party on with Hollywood Game Night.


Anthony Anderson’s TMI
March 5th, 2014 under Anthony Anderson, TMI. [ Comments: none ]

Thanks to Twitter we know more about celebrities than we should, and this Tweet from Anthony Anderson proves that nothing is private. Not even what you do to remove the hair from your privates.
This Tweet kind of makes me look at him in a different way. But not enough to not watch him on Hollywood Game Night tomorrow on NBC at 9p. I will try to keep my eyes on the ball, I mean his eyes!


Anthony Anderson will never hit his son with a sex today again!
November 30th, 2013 under Anthony Anderson, Arsenio Hall. [ Comments: none ]

Anthony Anderson was on The Arsenio Hall Show and he told the late night host about one of the times his 13 year old son got into trouble. Nathan was suspended from school for a day, so the dad wanted to punish him outside of the classroom too. When the teen realized that this was going to happen he ran away from home. Well in between the time that Anthony got the call and his son ran away, Nathan came home. So as soon as the p!ssed off father saw him, the teenager started to run away from him. Well the boy made the mistake of running into his father’s bedroom where his daddy had just bought a harness to play with him mother later on that night. So when the boy lied down the bed, his pop jumped on top of him and cuffed his hands to the bed. Well now with nowhere to go, the dad started taking everything out of his love chest and using it on the poor kid. But when he got to one item, the little boy said two words that stunned his father. Those two words are his mother’s safe words for you know. Now that Anthony knows that his kid knows that phrase, I am sure the Christian Grey wannabe will make his Ana Steele come up with something new to say when she wants him to stop.
BTW I wondered who came away more horrified from that situation, Nathan or Anthony? I am going with Anthony because in reality the kid spanked his dad instead of the other way around!


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