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Jane the Virgin’s Brett Dier’s ugly face is everything!!!
October 27th, 2014 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Brent Dier is like a lot of actors who loves to live Tweet when their show is airing. When the Jane the Virgin star asked who was going to do it with him, a follower said she would only do if he Tweeted his “Best Worst Face”. Making sure that he had as many fans as possible there with him, he did it. What we got is one of the best celebrity Twitpics ever. How ugly is that face? Which is so awesome because he pretty face is as petty as his ugly face is ugly.


Hallelujah! Jane the Virgin and The Flash picked up for a full season!
October 21st, 2014 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

The CW is batting a thousand this year with their new shows because today they announced that they are picking up both of them for a full season. That’s right, Jane the Virgin and The Flash will be around until May. Which is fine with me because both shows prove that The CW is continuing to go in the right direction and create shows that people love to watch.
Now what this good news means for Hart of Dixie and Beauty and the Beast is yet to be seen. Which returning show, will end its run early to make room for them? We will just have to wait and see, but I think Originals is in trouble. Plus, I’d love to see Hart of Dixie with Jane because both shows would be delightful together. Wouldn’t that be great viewing for your Mondays if those two shows aired back to back?


Jane the Virgin is such a hot show, they’re throwing a party tonight!
October 20th, 2014 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Jane the Virgin continues her story on The CW tonight at 9p and you don’t want to miss a single second of it. Last week we fell in love with her and tonight we will become even more infatuated.
The hotel is planning a big party and Petra (Yael Grobglas) wants to make sure it is huge success for her father-in-law. But before we get to the party, so much more happens.
Jane (Gina Rodriguez) has a talk with her mother (Andrea Navedo), grandmother (Ivonne Coll) and fiance’ about the baby, well she names it something else so she doesn’t get too attached. Will they be able to honor her wishes?
When she gets to work, someone there doesn’t honor them. That person is Rafael, and he wants to tell her he’s splitting from his wife, Petra. Will he do it?
We find out why Jane’s fiance’, Michael (Brett Dier), is scoping out Zaz (Alano Miller). Will he be able to figure out that the woman in his hotel room, he’s sleeping with, is Petra?
Which leads to the moment when he meets Rafael and Petra at Jane’s doctor appointment. Which is a lot of fun for Jane because everyone, including her family, is also there to be by her side. How will they all get along?
Well everyone but Jane’s father, who is begging her mom to let their daughter know about him. Is tonight the night?
And before the episode ends, someone will be muerto, as in dead. But I’ve said too much.
And here is what the show creator, Jennie Snyder Urman, had to say about her baby that wasn’t accidentally artificially inseminated in to her, “I have a very specific tone that I’m trying to hit that there’s sort of a fairy-tale, whimsical quality to it. At the same time, this is a telenovela, and I want to take advantage of all the fun and sort of license that comes with being able to adapt a telenovela and all the tropes that come with that, an evil twin.” Then she added, “I want to do all those big things, and I’m hoping that if I just keep the characters really grounded and relatable, and they react as one would when really bizarre things happen, we’ll find the comedy in that. It’s a tricky tone. It’s one I’m excited about tackling. And we’ll do our best. I’m sure we will read a lot of feedback.”
I am sure you will have feedback to give to Jennie Snyder Urman, so send her a Tweet after the episode and tell her how much you adore this show. Jane the Virgin is unlike anything else of TV, especially Mondays, so sit back and enjoy a show that leaves you with a smile on your face. Not only because it is so positive, but because it is also so good.


Some fun little tidbits that are as just as fun as The Flash!
October 14th, 2014 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Last week, The Flash became The CW’s biggest series premiere ever. This honor is so well-deserved because it is a well-done show that is bringing families together. Fathers and a lot of sons are watching it together because of their love of comic books and some daughters are watching it because it is right up their alley. Then when the episode is done, they get to talk about it. Those girls learn the mythology of it, and those guys talk about how they got it right.
Before the show airs it’s second episode tonight at 8p, find out the mythology of how this show came about and what is coming up. A few weeks ago at The CW TCA Summer Press Tour Day, Chief Creative Officer, DC Entertainment Geoff Johns, Executive Producers Andrew Kreisberg and Greg Berlanti and actors Grant Gustin and Tom Kavanaugh talked about all of that.

Will they stick to the mythology?
Geoff Johns
: If you’ve seen the pilot and you’re a fan of the books, you know we’ve incorporated almost everything from the mythology into it and added a whole new backstory with S.T.A.R. Labs and that team incorporated that. But it’s probably the most faithful DC Comics adaptation ever, as deep as we’re going to go and as many characters as we’re using, especially in the first nine episodes we’ve planned out pretty tightly.

How The Flash is different than Batman?
Geoff Johns
: He could have easily become a Batman like character, but Barry Allen’s an optimist and having that hope of keeping hold of that hope despite the tragedy in his past makes him an even better hero. And the lightning bolt is really something that hits Barry and allows him to literally and emotionally move forward in his life, reconnect with people in a different way and explore that heroic side that is inside him, but maybe not he wasn’t physically capable of doing.

Casting Grant Gustin as Barry Allen.
Andrew Kreisberg
: Grant was literally the first person to read for Barry. And after that, it was sort of over.

Casting Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon.
Andrew Kreisberg
: Won the part with your singing. He came in to meet, and Peter Roth (Chief Executive of Warner Brothers Television) was there and found out he was Broadway. And Peter said, “Give us a tune,” and he started singing, and Peter went, “He’s the guy.”

Casting the original Barry Allen to play his dad:
Andrew Kreisberg
: John Wesley Shipp, all three of us are huge fans of the original “Flash.” Having all grown up “Flash” fans, that show meant the world to us and ended far too soon as far as the three of us were concerned. So when we were sitting down and talking about developing this series, all three of us were like, “Whatever we do, we’ve got to get John Wesley Shipp.” He was so sweet and so generous and so kind and so, like I think he was sort of surprised that the show had meant as much to us and to a lot of people as it did, because I think it ended far too soon for him as well. So to get to have that link to the past and be able to have him be part of the show and it’s not just a gimmick either. It’s not a cameo. He’s playing one of the most important parts on the show. So much of what Barry is doing, he’s doing for his father. That last scene between the two of them was they did it, like, four or five times, and we all cried every time we watched it.

Who will be playing Captain Cold?
Greg Berlanti
: Wentworth Miller will be playing Captain Cold in episode 4 of our show. And Leonard Snart, we’ll be seeing his origin and the origin of the Rogues.

Is Grant Gustin a fast runner?
Grant Gustin
: GRANT GUSTIN: Yeah, no, I actually was very fast as a kid but, ironically, hated running. And I quit soccer because I thought it was ridiculous that we were running back and forth. But yeah, I actually have always been pretty fast, luckily.

Is Tom Cavanugh a fan of comic books?
Tom Cavanugh
: I spent part of my childhood in Africa, and we had no television and anything, but we did have comic books. And I think that left an imprint where I thought, “Well, you know, I know a lot. I know a lot about comic books.” And I kind of maintained that level of what I considered to be my level of knowledge until I met these guys. And then I realized I’m totemically very much on the low end and know next to nothing. I used to think I knew stuff, and now I realize I know nothing.


You are going to want to make love to Jane the Virgin!
October 13th, 2014 under The CW. [ Comments: 1 ]

For months you have heard reporters gush over Jane the Virgin and its star Gina Rodriguez, and tonight at 9p on The CW you get to see what we have all been talking about.
Jane is a 23 year old virgin and she is about to get some news that will change her whole life.
Since she was a little girl, her grandmother instilled in her to remain virtuous until her wedding day. So that is what the daughter of a teenage mother has done. Which hasn’t been easy recently because she has been seeing Michael (Brett Dier) for 2 years, and he is hot. Besides dating him, she is working at a hotel and going to school to be a teacher. She has a plan, and marrying him is not part of it until after she gets her degree.
Back to the hotel, they have a new owner, Rafael (Justin Baldoni). Jane met him once before, and their lives about to collide again.
One day, Jane goes to the gynecologist to get a pap smear at the same time Rafael’s wife, Petra (Yael Grobglas), has gone into get inseminated with his sample. You see, Rafael had cancer and that is his only sample that’s left. Anyways, back to the doctors, Rafael’s sister is a gynecologist and she is having a bad day. So much so, that she accidentally inseminates Jane instead of her sister-in-law, who she didn’t know what coming in to get the procedure done. Which makes sense because Petra just found out that her husband wants to divorce her. If he does that, she will be out a lot of money because they have an iron-clad pre-nup.
Fast forward to two weeks later and Jane the Virgin is pregnant. Now she has to decide what to do. Does she keep it or does get rid of it? If she keeps it, then her boyfriend will dump her. Give it to Rafael since it is half his? That is a lot for any girl to decide. Thankfully, she has her mother, Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) and her abuela (Ivonne Coll) to help her out. In doing so, she finds out some secrets from her past about them, and these are not the only secrets that come out.
Since Jane the Virgin is based on a Spanish Telenovela, be prepared for many many more to come out. Ay dios mio!
Out of all the new shows on television this season, Jane the Virgin is by far the sweetest one of them all. You can’t help but to fall in love with the show and the star. Gina Rodriguez is the future of Hollywood, and more stars should follow her example on how they should be. She’s smart, beautiful, humble and she can act! Just like Gina, the show is smart, beautiful, humble and it can act. Well it has a lot of great actors to support Gina.
Jane the Virgin is unlike anything else on The CW and I hope this is the first of many shows like it on the network. Not that there is anything wrong with the others, but when you see just how lovable and infectious Jane the Virgin is you are going to want more shows like it on the air.


The Flash speeds its way into our hearts tonight!
October 7th, 2014 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Run, don’t walk home tonight, so that you don’t miss The Flash on The CW at 8p. This comic book drama is unlike the other ones on television and because it’s lighter so that everyone can enjoy it.
When Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) was 11 years old, his mother was killed and his father was arrested for the murder. But his father didn’t do, some unnatural force did and no one believes him.
Ever since that day, Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) has raised him. I guess that influenced him because Barry now works as an assistant police forensic investigator. He is so smart and can solve almost anything. His intelligence leads him to him curiosity and that leads him to taking West’s daughter, Iris (Candice Patton), with him to STAR Labs so that they can watch the launch of the particle accelerator. When Iris’ bag is stolen with her laptop in it, he chases after the mugger but he is too slow. Instead of going back inside, he goes back home.
Something horrible happened at STAR Labs after they left and the particle accelerator blows up. Causing a force to encompass the whole city. Barry is struck by it, and rushed to the hospital.
Now nine months later, he finally awakes from his coma. He is a different man. He can run now much faster than a speeding bullet. In fact everything about him moves at the speed of light. He now has to figure out what happened to him. As he starts to learn about his new abilities, he is going to his power for good.
Barry is not alone, there are others who were effected by that force on that night. Unlike Barry, they are not using their new powers for good. So it is up to The Flash to fight them.
Will one man be able to do it on his own? We will have to tune in every Tuesday at 8p to find out.
The Flash is the only comic book series I can think of that leaves a smile on your face. Fans of the superhero will love this show, as well as people who don’t fully know his story. This is the type of show fathers can watch with their daughters and sons with their moms, and there aren’t that many shows that can say that like this one.


Nina Dobrev adds to her boyfriend list
August 4th, 2014 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

When Nina Dobrev was at Comic Con the other week, she was linked to four, yes four, actors. They were Orlando Bloom, Benjamin McKenzie, Baby Daddy’s Derek Theler and Once Upon a Time’s David Anders. Well yesterday, she added another quartet of men to that list. Those new boys are her co-stars from The Vampire Diaries, Steven R McQueen, Zach Roerig, Joseph Morgan and Matt Davis.
Who knew she was so popular? Although you can’t blame them for being in to the Degrassi beauty.
Good thing she films in Atlanta or she be linked to even more men than she already is. Although, eight is a lot of boyfriends in less than a month. Even Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan and Jennifer Aniston were never linked to that many men in such a short period of time. Go Nina!


Hot In Cleveland gets animated and The CW tries to Fool Us!
July 30th, 2014 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight at 10p Hot In Cleveland goes to places it has never gone to before. The TV Land sitcom gets animated and they have more fun then they’ve ever had before.
It has been four years since Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli), Joy (Jane Leeves) and Victoria (Wendie Malick) have moved to Cleveland and they want to celebrate. So they go to Elka’s (Betty White) place, a place they’ve never been to before to share in the joyous moment with her. At first she doesn’t want to let them in, but eventually she does.
Once they are inside they all turn into a cartoons, and George Clooney is a talking dog. How? You see Elka’s place is over a portal to another dimension, an animated one. So the 4 women tour the cartoonish Cleveland and they run into Steven Tyler at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He grants them three wishes and those wishes take them to other places. The first place they go to is Willy Wonka world and we find out that our cast can sing. Their next adventure is a Walking Dead/Weird Science type of scenario. The final wish includes LeBron James being The Wizard of Oz. Trippy enough for you?
Eventually, they give up on their wishes and return home to the place they’ve known for four years. Which in a way is kind of a bummer because this is the funniest episode of the show’s over 100 episode run. They had so much fun in this one, and they did and said things they never would do or say if they weren’t drawn. I mean its like the writers threw everything at the wall and whatever stuck they went with, which is perfect because it all made for one beautiful high-larious episode. One you don’t want to miss because it is the best animated episode I’ve ever seen on TV.

Meanwhile over at The CW, they have their own magic going on with Penn & Teller in Fool Us. The two legendary magicians watch as other unknown magicians show them their acts. If the Vegas Duo can’t figure out how they did it, then they get to perform with them in the City of Sin. So after the contestants perform for the audience and the judges, Penn & Teller try to explain to everyone how they did it. They will go up and look at their props to see if that reveals their secret. By doing so we get to learn a magic or should I say foolery. Whatever you call it, I call it fun!
So tune in for a magical competition show unlike anything you’ve ever see on television before!


Were Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham written off of The Vampire Diaries?
July 28th, 2014 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

The Vampire Diaries ended the season with Damon and Bonnie’s future up in the air and over the weekend at Comic-Con their fate migth’ve been revealed. A promo video shows the moment that Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham realized that they were written off of The CW’s most popular show. So are they gone? We will just have to wait until October 2nd to find out.
But then again, does anyone really ever leave that show? Well that is unless they go to The Originals, but other than that, no one really.


The CW plants the Seed with Backpackers tonight!
July 14th, 2014 under The CW. [ Comments: none ]

At 8:30p take a European trip with Backpackers on The CW.
Ryan (Noah Reid) and his fiance’, Beth (Meghan Heffern), take a trip to Europe before they get married, and she decides they should take a break from each other. So reluctantly his best friend, Brandon (Dillon Casey), and him decide to tour the continent without her. Something, he really isn’t ready to do and he will do anything to find her. But instead, he gets the trip of a lifetime. What happens when their two weeks are up? We will just have to tune every week to find out. Also to see Europe in the background because that is where this was shot.

Then at 9:30p, The CW gets impregnated with Seed.
Harry donated some sperm when he was younger and now those babies, who are not babies anymore, want to get to know their sperm daddy. The first kid to knock on his door is 9 year old Billy (William Ainscough), who is being raised by two moms. Then there is Anastasia (Abby Rose), who just found out her dad is not her biological father. To make things even more complicated for him, he meets Rose (Carrie-Lynn Neales) on a bus and she is looking for a man to father her child. At first she thinks Harry might be that man, but he is anything but. So she decides to go back to the sperm bank and gets inseminated. After it is done, she realizes she picked Harry to be the dad.
So now Harry the Bachelor finds himself being part of one of the strangest modern families out there. And each week we get to see his world unravel and theirs come together.


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