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The first time Rachel Bloom went 💩 in the toilet is still on video
February 8th, 2017 under Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Larry King. [ Comments: none ]

Rachel Bloom was a late bloomer getting into bloomers. So late, the Crazy Ex Girlfriend told Larry King on his Ora-TV show that she was wasn’t out of diapers until she was 4 years old. Why? She said, “I remember, 💩ing in my diaper. I remember being able to speak and be like ‘Mom, I need to poop, I would like a diaper on my butt now.'” Then she added, “I remember walking around my house like 💩ing my diaper and then just like pontificating. It was like the act of 💩ing in my diaper was my time to just be like me.” She explained her rationale was, “It was almost like who am I? I am a child that 💩s in diapers. 💩ing diapers is my favorite part of the day. If I 💩 in the toilet, who am I suddenly? I am someone different.”
How did she wind up becoming like the rest of us and 💩ing in the toilet? She remembers that first time, not only because it is so monumental, but also because her mother recorded the experience. Hey, if a parent waits 4 years for their toddler to 💩 in the toilet, you want to keep that memory forever. Or their wedding!
But back to how her mom finally did it. One day, when Rachel was sitting on the loo to pee, she also had to go 💩. She asked her mom for a diaper and her mom said they weren’t any. She had no choice but to come on over to our side.
Back to the video, I want to see it! Maybe she can find a way to include it in the third season of her CW show that will be back! I can’t wait to see how they resolve that holy 💩 season finale. If you saw it, then you know why I said holy!


The CW is not ready to break up with Crazy Ex Girlfriend and 6 more shows!
January 8th, 2017 under Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, DC Comics, Jane the Virgin, Supernatural, The CW. [ Comments: none ]

The CW started off their TCA press day announcing that they picked up 7 other their shows for next season. They are Supergirl, Jane the Virgin, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supernatural and Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Yes, the last one the list is not doing well in the ratings, but it is one of the most original shows on television today. Creatively they have lost their way this season, but it is still enjoyable. Just like Supernatural that is going into their lucky 13th season. Yes, 13! I hope the producers play with that. How fun will that be?
Waiting to get picked up are Frequency, No Tomorrow, The 100, iZombie, Riverdale and The Originals with the latter 4 yet to air any new episodes this season. Definitely not coming back are The Vampire Diaries and Reign will be ending their, well, reigns their season.
How do you feel about the pick ups and which ones do you want to get renewed? I am rooting for iZombie because this is the best show you are not watching!


Rachel Bloom in the Thanksgiving spirit!
November 24th, 2016 under Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. [ Comments: none ]

We know that people get into the Christmas spirit, but I didn’t know you could get into Thanksgiving spirit. What else would you call the mood Crazy Ex Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom is in in her Turkey costume.
Don’t you just want to gobble gobble her up? That and I want to know where she got that bodysuit so I can wear it tonight at my Thanksgiving dinner with my friends!


Rachel Bloom’s crazy hairy armpits
November 21st, 2016 under Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. [ Comments: none ]

Rachel Bloom lifted her arm and revealed that she hasn’t shaved her armpits in a really long time. Which makes you wonder if the Crazy Ex Girlfriend’s underarms look like that, then what does the other under the belt look like? Maybe we shouldn’t wonder.
Seriously though, who knew they had merkins for pits? I guess we all learn something new every day and that is our something new.


Rachel Bloom’s TMI!
November 4th, 2016 under Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. [ Comments: none ]

Rachel Bloom revealed something from her teenage years, I never heard of before. The Golden Globe winning actress Tweeted, “Years ago I repeatedly took out the bra I was wearing when I made out with my crush and smelled it to re-live the moment.” Have you ever done that? Because I sure as heck didn’t. But then again my bra was off so fast, it didn’t have time to create a scent.
Tune into Crazy Ex Girlfriend on The CW tonight at 9p to see if she has a song that will finally top Heavy Boobs.


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