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Surprise, Scott Porter is expecting baby #2!
April 17th, 2017 under Scott Porter. [ Comments: none ]

Scott Porter and his wife, Kelsey Mayfield, perfectly announced on Easter that the rabbit died. In other words, the loving couple is expecting their second child later this year. Not only are they excited about their growing family, so is their 22-month-old son McCoy.


Scott Porter’s sexy Selfie!
March 31st, 2016 under Scott Porter. [ Comments: none ]

Scott Porter was stuck working late yesterday and had to miss an important date. He was supposed to go to Uncovered Final Fantasy XV, but he just couldn’t get off in time. Instead, he took to Instagram to show off that he was all ready to go and even had the shirt on. But I wasn’t looking at the shirt, I was staring at the whole package and how hot he looked in that full body Selfie. All I have to say is, “Pop! Goes my Hart of Dixie!”


Leave it to Scott Porter to get a wigless Selfie with Sia!
February 3rd, 2016 under Scott Porter. [ Comments: none ]

Scott Porter went to see Hamilton again and someone got excited when they saw him. Sia was backstage and she thought she was California Dreamin’ when she George Tucker from Hart of Dixie. So two of them posed for this sweet photo that scores a touchdown under the Broadway and Friday Night Lights.
Now I want to know if he recognized her as soon as he saw her because she is not wearing one of those stupid wigs she always wears. I am so sick of that schtick. It worked for the last album, and now it’s time for her to move on. I mean she has pretty face, so why hide it?


Pop! Goes Scott Porter’s heart!
May 25th, 2015 under Babies, Scott Porter. [ Comments: none ]

Scott Porter scored a huge touchdown this weekend when his wife gave birth to their son. McCoy Lee Porter was born on Saturday with the following stats 8 lbs, 5 oz., 20.5 inches and 32cm Cranium; and by Sunday the blue-eyed cutie made all of our harts, I mean hearts, go pop. Just when you think that the Friday Night Lights star couldn’t get any hotter, he shares a photo of himself holding his precious game changer. So much so it’s making me miss Hart of Dixie even more.


Scott Porter looks good enough to eat!
April 25th, 2014 under Scott Porter, The CW. [ Comments: none ]

Scott Porter Instagrammed this photo of himself from tonight’s Hart of Dixie at 9p on The CW and said things are getting messy for his character, George Tucker. He might be messy, but he looks yummy to me! Don’t you just want to eat him up?
The only thing he is missing is a cherry, and George Tucker lost that a long time ago to a Lemon.


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