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Tom Jones on the unusual way women started throwing their knickers at him!
December 15th, 2015 under Larry King, Tom Jones. [ Comments: none ]

Tom Jones was the first singer that woman started throwing their underwear at, and on Larry King Now he revealed how it all started.
Back in 1968, he was playing the Copacabana and women were handing him table napkins because he was perspiring. Then he said, “This woman stood up, lifted her skirt, took them off and went (motioning to her handing them to him) like this. So I said (and pretended to wipe his forehead with the imaginary panties and then handed them back to her), watch you don’t catch cold.” Well, there was a columnist in the audience and they wrote about it. Thus, the legend was born.
Can I tell you, when I was living in Atlanta I used to usher concerts there. One of the shows I did was Tom Jones’ and I was on Panty Duty. That meant I had to try to catch them before they got to him. Let’s just Granny Panties are not fun when they are thrown at you.


Tom Jones dogs Simon Cowell
March 12th, 2012 under American Idol 9+, Tom Jones. [ Comments: none ]

Tom Jones is joining The Voice over in The UK and he only had one request before he agreed to do the show. He believes that in order to be sitting up there finding the next singing sensation that he his co-mentors should all be singers who have worked professionally as one. According to the Press Association he said, “I watched other talent shows and I thought: Now hang on a minute. How can this person, not mentioning any names, but how can he or she give singers advice if they’ve never gone through it themselves?” He added, “I think you have to have stood up on that stage and gone for auditions, and be able to take the: You were great but no thank you. You have to be able to take that. And you have to have experienced that to be able to do it.”
Although he is not naming names, It’s Not Unusual to assume he is talking about Simon Cowell. But I guess he will be saying What’s New Pussycat when he finds out the King of Mean sang a song in the late ’80s called Ruff Mixx dressed up as a dog when he was younger. So I guess you can say he is qualified to do it, now when it comes to LA Reid that is another story.


Tom Jones wants you ladies to stop throwing underwear!
August 1st, 2010 under Tom Jones. [ Comments: none ]

(undies thown at :20 in)

Tom Jones has a request for his female fans, stop throwing your underwear at him. The She’s A Lady singer told The Telegrapgh, “”It’s just wrong. I’m laying my soul down here. And people start laughing.” I don’t know maybe its just me, but It’s Not Unusual or What’s New Pussycat? are not very soulful.
I also never got why women throw their undies at him? It could be because of his reaction the first pair of knickers that came his way. He said he used them to wipe his brow and I am sure from that story lead to other woman wanting him to use their pussycat holder to wipe the sweat off of his face. I guess it is their special connection with him.


It’s Not Unusual…to go gray!!!
January 31st, 2009 under Tom Jones. [ Comments: none ]

What's New Pussycat? Tom Jones stopped dying his hair! He is in finally letting his natural color show at 68 and I have to say I like him gray!!!

Bret Michaels does Barry Manilow and Tom Jones!
April 29th, 2008 under Barry Manilow, Bret Michaels, Tom Jones. [ Comments: 3 ]

I can’t wait to see Bret Michaels do those songs and others on tomorrow night’s Don’t Forget the Lyrics at 8p on Fox! It is great to see him make a fool of himself and this time he is doing it what he does for a living…singing not trying to find love!


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