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Castle Rock’s trailer has the most accurate tagline!
October 8th, 2017 under Hulu, Stephen King. [ Comments: none ]

Hulu just released the first look at Stephen King’s series based on his beloved characters all living in one town, Castle Rock.

In the trailer, I saw references to The Green Mile, It, Cujo, Christine and Carrie, but the latter one is only because it was Carrie herself, Sissy Spacek. Anyways when a voice is finally heard in the promo, it says, “You have no idea what is happening here. Do you?” I was like you totally read my mind because I have absolutely no idea what is happening here. Yet, I cannot wait to see it.


Will Making History be history as Time After Time becomes just that
March 29th, 2017 under ABC, Arrested, DC Comics, Fox, Hulu. [ Comments: none ]

While I have been enjoying Leighton Meester on Making History, I am one of the just over 1 million people that has been watching it. Yet even though the sitcom is one of the lowest rated programs on broadcast TV, Fox is still airing it.

But that might be changing because the show’s star was arrested today. According to TMZ, Adam Pally was arrested in NYC on suspicion of smoking marijuana from an e-cig and possessing a small bag of cocaine. Why do I think his arrest will cause the show to be cancelled? If history repeats itself (no pun intende), then Fox will try to separate themselves from Pally because of his arrest. In the past they have not been fans of their stars getting in trouble with the law. But they don’t even have to justify the cancellation because the ratings for this show are beyond a disaster. Barely over 1.5 million people watched the show on Sunday in the overnight ratings and those are some very painful numbers for a show on the Big 4.

Talking about Pally, his other show The Mindy Project was picked up for a 6th and final season over at Hulu today.

Back to time traveling shows, sad news over at ABC. Starting this Sunday, Time After Time has been replaced by Match Game. While the ratings for the Kevin Williamson drama have not been good, they have been doing about twice that of Making History. I was loving the show because I was a fan of the movie, so I am upset that they pulled it from the lineup indefinitely. Why can’t they get rid of American Crime that has been doing worse than Time After Time? Oh yeah, it gets ABC award nominations, and they barely get any.

Finally some good news, Powerless will be back with an all new episode on NBC tomorrow at 8:30p. It had been replaced by Trial & Error repeats for the last two weeks, so I was getting nervous that it was never coming. Thankfully tomorrow, it will be flying back onto our TV screens.

If you have not seen DC’s first sitcom, then you are missing out on a show that is truly Super, man!


Hulu finally has a commercial free option!
September 2nd, 2015 under Hulu. [ Comments: none ]

If you are like me, then you have not subscribed to Hulu because it seems like that have more ads than actual show. Well today, they announced for $11.99 you can get a commercial free version of their site. It is more expensive than Netflix, but they just acquired Epix from Netflix and that might make the cost worth it. For me it is the TV shows that they have that makes me want to pay the extra bucks to have their service without ads. Are you thinking of joining Hulu or is the cost too high?



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