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Has Lady Gaga hit hard times?
June 29th, 2017 under Hard times, Lady Gaga. [ Comments: 2 ]

Lady Gaga played the Super Bowl earlier this year, won a Golden Globe for starring American Horror Story, has more Grammys than we can count, is filming A Star in Born with Bradley Cooper and yet she was seen working as a substitute teacher. Has she hit hard times? She has not but school kids are, and she is using her stardom to make a huge difference for the academic sucess.

Mama Monster teamed up with Staples to “support education and create a positive classroom experience through our Staples for Students program. We’re donating $2 million to and Born This Way Foundation to promote kindness in schools and ensure teachers and students have the resources they need for successful learning in classrooms.” Children are the future and this is a great way to ensure that they have the best one possible.

Say what you want about Gaga, but at least she uses her fame for good. More celebrities should follow her example.


Has Lady Gaga hit hard times?
June 17th, 2017 under Hard times, Lady Gaga. [ Comments: none ]

Even through Lady Gaga played the Super Bowl in February, starred in American Horror Story: Hotel, is acting alongside Bradley Cooper and has more hits that you can count on your hands, she was seen working as a barista at Starbucks? So has Mama Monster hit hard times and needed to find a more steady job?

Not at all. She was behind the counter for a good cause. As she explained, “Dropped by @starbucks today [yesterday] to treat everyone to one of my #CupsOfKindness drinks supporting @btwfoundation! $.25 from each one sold through 6/19 is donated to the Foundation!”

Could you imagine walking in and seeing her serve coffee and tea? I wound be wondering what they put in my drink to make me see her because I would be on the Edge of Glory!


Has Joe Jonas hit hard times?
May 31st, 2017 under Hard times, Jonas Brothers. [ Comments: none ]

Even though Joe Jonas has had a lot of sucess since leaving the Jonas Brothers, he was seen driving a Lyft. So have him and DNCE hit hard times? Nope, they are just promoting the car service and instead of kissing strangers they are driving them around. No word if they stopped to have cake by the ocean. That would have been the icing on the you know what.


Has Kat Dennings hit hard times?
April 17th, 2017 under 2 Broke Girls, Hard times. [ Comments: none ]

Tonight is the season finale for 2 Broke Girls on CBS at 9:30p and there is no word yet if it will be back for a seventh season. Looks like the show’s star Kat Dennings is looking for other work opportunities just in case the sitcom doesn’t get picked up. Here she is working as a manicurist, so has the 2 Broke Girl hit hard times? We do not know because here is what she said about the photo, “Nail tips and gel polish on my first client. I work holidays because hustlers never take a day off 💅🏻”

Seriously though, I think she having a fun girls day with a friend and is not doing nails for a living. Although, if she is, I will go to her! Granted I am surprised, she did not opt to be a waitress instead because she has been playing one for the last 6 years and you would think she picked something up by working on the show after all of these years.


Has Christopher Lloyd hit hard times?
April 7th, 2017 under Hard times, Taxi. [ Comments: none ]

Christopher Lloyd was seen working a cotton candy stand at a carnival, so has the Taxi star hit hard times? Quite the opposite, Doc was letting us know he is starring in Going In Style that is out today and he wants you go to see it. Therefore, get in to your DeLorean and drive over to your local theater to catch it.


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