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Seth Meyers’ rant on 3D movie is spot on!
April 28th, 2017 under Seth Meyers. [ Comments: none ]

Let’s be honest, 3D movies are not worth the money. Yet so many people keep putting on those special sunglasses for an effect that is not worth the price. Especially since those glasses drown the color out of the film.

Yesterday on Late Night, Seth Meyers went off on these type of films and his words are so right on that you will want to high five him when he is finally done with his speech. He says everything we have been thinking every time we waste dinero for the special effect. So why do we keep giving movie theaters our hard earned cash for this? On the hope that we will finally see a flick where this trick actually works. Have you ever seen one that made it worth it? I haven’t.


Why is Will Forte known as Uncle Stinky?
March 21st, 2017 under Seth Meyers, Will Forte. [ Comments: none ]

Will Forte told Seth Meyers on Late Night that his family and his The Last Man on Earth castmates have given him a nickname and it is Uncle Stinky? Why? Well one day when his niece and nephew came to visit him, he farted around them and they noticed the smell. Ever since then they added stinky to his title. Something he will never get rid because farting is always funny to kids even when they become adults.

So much so, his co-star Mary Steenburgen challenged him to fart every day he is on the set of hilarious Fox comedy. He accepted her challenge, but it has one big rule. They cannot be silent but deadly, you actually have to hear the bomb go off and not just breath in the fumes. Did he succeed? Yes, but sadly for the noses on the set there were some misses.

And folks, that is why he is known as Uncle Stinky. You know, I am thinking he should change the O in his last name to an A. What do you think of that idea?

One last note, the best part of this funny interview because farts are always funny, is when the NBC late night host asked him, “How do you do it?” Without hesitation Farte, I mean Forte, told him, “Out of my butt!” Know we know why Last Man on Earth is as brilliant as it is because the creator is naturally that way. Maybe he will do an episode about his farting? Although, if he did, he might once again become the last man on Earth.


Zoe Kravitz got eight stitches while filming Divergent
March 15th, 2017 under Seth Meyers. [ Comments: none ]

Back when Zoe Kravitz was filming Divergent, she suffered an injury that caused her to get 8 stitches. Was it an action scene? Nope. She told Seth Meyers on Late Night, during a break she went to shoot the breeze with Shailene Woodley in her trailer, when a breeze suddenly shut the door closed on her face. To make matters worse she was wearing sunglasses making the injury so much worse.

The good news she has a story about getting injured while filming an Action film. The bad news is that is more embarrassing than exciting.


Oscar Bait is the biggest Oscar bait movie ever
February 22nd, 2017 under Seth Meyers. [ Comments: none ]

If you are like me, then you hate Oscar movies because they all have the same depressing plots. Well, Seth Meyers know those plots very well and created a trailer that combines them all. Yesterday on Late Night he debuted his masterpiece and is it too late for it to be nominated for an Oscar? It’s better than those other movies that are nominated. None of them I can name because I didn’t see any of them. But I watched all of Oscar Bait. And unlike the other films, it wasn’t too long. Do you want to see the full length feature?


How far apart are Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers’ sets?
February 9th, 2017 under Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers. [ Comments: none ]

We know that Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers both tape their NBC late night shows at 30 Rock, but we don’t know how far away they are from each other. Yesterday, the Late Night host was on The Tonight Show and when the 11:35p show ended the two men walked over to the 12:37a one. We got to see how much of a distance it is to go from one place to other. While I don’t know how many feet it is, I was able to tell it takes a minute. Granted, it probably would’ve taken a lot less time if they didn’t stop for food every few yards. I don’t think they walked off all of those calories in that sprint. Do you?

You know, NBC should end The Tonight Show every night, by having Jimmy and Seth walk over to Late Night previewing what is on the later one’s show. It would be great to see them interact more often since they are on the same network and tape in the building one floor apart!


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