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This makes me want to buy a hard copy of Harry Styles’ CD
April 13th, 2017 under One Direction. [ Comments: none ]

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Harry Styles self-titled debut solo album is coming on May 12th and I want a hard copy of it to hang those photos up on my wall. Something you don’t get to do with the downloadable version. Seriously, doesn’t he look hot all wet like that?

When I heard the first single off of it, I was not in love with Sign of the Times. Hopefully the other 9 other songs are better than that and sound more like One Direction.

Are you going to run out an buy his album when it comes out?


Whose the bigger star Harry Styles or Jimmy Fallon?
April 12th, 2017 under Jimmy Fallon, One Direction, Saturday Night Live. [ Comments: 2 ]

This Saturday, Jimmy Fallon is hosting Saturday Night Live and Harry Styles will be the musical performer. The two men shot some promos for their appearance on the NBC sketch show and both men thought they should be front and center.

The Tonight Show host was a member of the not ready for primetime players for over 5 years, but Styles is doing the worldwide live premiere of his first solo song, A Sign of the Times, on SNL. Thus, both men give a good argument why they should be in the spotlight. Therefore, I will make my decision who should be there.

The answer Harry Styles because now that his hair is growing in, he looks sexier than ever! What do you think?


Is Harry Styles career going in one direction?
April 7th, 2017 under One Direction. [ Comments: none ]

Harry Styles released audio for his first solo single Sign of the Times. The melody reminds a lot of another popular boy band, The Beatles.

The difference between The Beatles and Styles song, is the band knew when to end the tune. This one goes on way too long and it is hard, for me, not to get bored while listening to it. Plus, I am sure his fans will get pissed at me for saying this, but his voice works better with a band than solo.

Do you find it beautiful or do we need One Direction to reunite already?


Taylor Swift and Zayn get their Fifty Shades on!
January 26th, 2017 under Fifty Shades, One Direction, Taylor Swift. [ Comments: none ]

Taylor Swift and Zayn finally released a music video for their song I Don’t Want to Live Forever that is featured on the Fifty Shades of Darker soundtrack. As sexy as the song is, the video is not as sexy. I don’t what I was expecting, but definitely more than that. Kind of like the feeling I got when I saw Fifty Shades of Grey.


Louis Tomlinson responds to if there is tension between One Direction
January 23rd, 2017 under One Direction, Ryan Seacrest. [ Comments: none ]

It has been over a year since One Direction went on hiatus and Ryan Seacrest wanted to know if there is any update on the band from Louis Tomlinson, who was on his radio show today. The 1Der responded by saying, “Everyone is trying their own thing, you know. I think we worked so relentlessly for 5 years that we all definitely needed a bit of space, a bit of time for ourselves. Do things that we couldn’t have done inside the band.” Then he added, “We are all super supportive. All the boys came to the X-Box performance.” At the point the On Air DJ asked Louis to confirm that there no tension between the band and the singer told him, “honestly there isn’t.” Granted he didn’t elaborate if Zayn Malick was part of the mix or not.
When it comes to an update on when or if 1D will reunite to record some new music together, we will just have to wait and see or should I say hear. I can’t wait for them to get back together because I actually like their music.


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